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Figure 1

From: Two RND proteins involved in heavy metal efflux in Caulobacter crescentus belong to separate clusters within proteobacteria

Figure 1

Schematic representation of the czr and ncz loci. The czr locus includes six predicted ORFs (CCNA_02805 to CCNA_02811) that probably constitute a putative operon. The putative promoter regions are indicated by bent arrows, upstream of CCNA_02805 (Pczr), CCNA_02806 (Pczr*), and CCNA_02812. The ncz locus includes a putative operon containing three ORFs (CCNA_02471 to CCNA_02473), transcribed from the Pncz promoter. The percentages of amino acid identity between each paralog are indicated by two-way arrows.

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