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Table 1 Strains and plasmids

From: Absence of long-range diffusion of OmpA in E. coliis not caused by its peptidoglycan binding domain

Strains Genotype Reference
LMC500 (MC4100 lysA) F, araD139, Δ (argF-lac)U169, deoC1, flbB5301, ptsF25, rbsR, relA1, rpslL150, lysA1 [23]
DH5α F, endA1, hsdR17(rk mk+), supE44, thi-1, recA1, gyrA, relA1, Δ (lacZYA-argF)U169, deoR, Ф80 lacZΔ M15 Lab collection
DH5α-Z1 DH5α LacIq+ TetR+ [24]
Plasmids Proteins expressed Reference
pGI10 pTHV037 OmpA-LEDPPAEF-mCherry This work
pGV30 pTHV037 OmpA-177-(SA-1)-LEDPPAEF-mCherry This work
pSAV47 pTHV037 mCherry-EFSR [25]
pTHV037 pTRC99A with a weakened IPTG inducible promoter [26]