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Table 1 Schema of the phiBIOTICS database entries

From: phiBIOTICS: catalogue of therapeutic enzybiotics, relevant research studies and practical applications

Enzybiotics description
Name Conventional name of enzybiotic
Recommended name Full name recommended by UniProt database (submitted or approved)
Systematic name* Enzyme systematic name according to IUBMB Enzyme Nomenclature
Alternative name Other name(s) in use
UniProt ID Identifier of corresponding entry in UniProt database
General mode of action The overall mechanism of antimicrobial action
phiBIOTICS family Proposed enzybiotic family based upon enzymatic activity
Reaction catalysed Biochemical reaction catalysed by the enzybiotic
Source organism Name of the organism from which the enzybiotic was obtained
Target organism Name of the organism(s) against which the enzybiotic is effective
Disease List of diseases caused by target organisms
State Current state of research and application(s)
Reference Paper(s) describing enzybiotics properties
Relevant studies  
Antimicrobial agent Name of applied enzybiotic(s) and other agents eventually
Study type in vitro or in vivo
Model Organism(s) used as experimental model
Administration* Applied route of administration of the enzybiotics
Relevant results Significant outcomes of the research study
Adverse effects and other issues* Manifested side effects (e.g. toxicity, immunogenicity, health issues)
Reference Paper(s) related to the study
  1. * this item is not available for all entries.