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Table 2 The highest ranked environmental and functional hubs

From: Non-essential genes form the hubs of genome scale protein function and environmental gene expression networks in Salmonella entericaserovar Typhimurium

Gene Protein blast Number conditions or functional categories
Environmental hubs  
ygaU LysM domain/BON superfamily protein 8
osmC Putative envelope protein 7
uspA Universal stress protein A 7
wraB NAD(P)H:quinone oxidoreductase, type IV 7
cbpA Curved DNA-binding protein 6
Functional hubs  
ychN Putative sulphur reduction protein 8
siiF(STM4262) Putative ABC-type bacteriocin/lantibiotic exporter 8
yajD Hypothetical protein (possible endonuclease superfamily) 7
ybeB Hypothetical protein (possible involved in biosynthesis of extracellular polysaccharides) 7
dcoC Oxaloacetate decarboxylase subunit gamma 7