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Table 1 Initial and end concentrations of SMX accomplished with 12 biodegrading pure culture isolates that were gained out of 110 cultures

From: Characterization of pure cultures isolated from sulfamethoxazole-acclimated activated sludge with respect to taxonomic identification and sulfamethoxazole biodegradation potential

   Pure culture SMX conc. after 10 days [mg L-1]
Brevundimonas sp. SMXB12 0.00
Microbacterium sp. SMXB24 0.00
Microbacterium sp. SMX348 0.00
Pseudomonas sp. SMX321 0.68
Pseudomonas sp. SMX330 0.68
Pseudomonas sp. SMX331 2.68
Pseudomonas sp. SMX 333* 1.09
Pseudomonas sp. SMX 336* 4.35
Pseudomonas sp. SMX 342* 1.09
Pseudomonas sp. SMX344* 0.23
Pseudomonas sp. SMX345 1.58
Variovorax sp. SMX332 3.53
  1. *duplicate organisms. All but SMX344 were discarded.
  2. Taxonomic identification succeeded with BLAST (