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Figure 1

From: Biofilm extracellular DNA enhances mixed species biofilms of Staphylococcus epidermidis and Candida albicans

Figure 1

Mixed species biofilms are larger than single species biofilms. Twenty-four hour biofilms of S. epidermidis (SE) (A), C. albicans (CA) (B) and mixed species biofilms (mixed) (C) were stained with LIVE/DEAD stain and examined by the Zeiss confocal microscope at 40× magnification. Scale bars measure 100 μm. For each biofilm, three channels are presented; green channel showing viable organisms, red channel showing non-viable organisms and the merged channel in that order respectively. Z-stacks of the biofilms at 1 μm intervals were analyzed by PHLIP software using MATLAB image processing toolbox and biovolume (μm3) compared (D). Mixed species biofilms had significantly more biovolume than single species biofilms (*#p <0.05).

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