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Figure 5

From: Disturbance induced decoupling between host genetics and composition of the associated microbiome

Figure 5

Relationships between abundance and occupancy of OTUs recovered from oyster gill tissue. A) Abundance occupancy plot showing the relative mean abundance ((ln + 1) transformed) of each OTU as a function of occupancy (i.e., from how many oysters it was recovered) for ambient (blue circles) and disturbed conditions (red triangles). Filled symbols mark generalists (abundance less than 1% in more 50% of oysters) and specialist (highly abundant in few oysters) OTUs. Pie charts show the taxonomic affiliation of generalists and specialists, where the size of the pie corresponds to the number of OTUs. B) Taxonomic composition of all taxa that increased (upper panel) or decreased (lower panel) in abundance and occupancy. Pie size represents number of OTUs found in each group and colours code for different phyla.

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