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Table 2 Statistically significant biclusters

From: Computational approaches for discovery of common immunomodulators in fungal infections: towards broad-spectrum immunotherapeutic interventions

ID Pathogens Bicluster
Number of
gene sets
B1 A. fumigatus (D3) and C. albicans (D6) <10−5 204
B2 A. fumigatus (D2) and C. albicans (D6) <10−5 174
B3 A. fumigatus (D3) and C. albicans (D6) <10−5 133
  1. This table shows the bicluster that are statistically significant at a 0.05 p-value cutoff. The columns from left to right are: (i) bicluster identification code, (ii) list of pathogens contained in the biclusters. The text in parentheses indicate the gene expression data identification code (see Table 1), (iii) a p-value indicating the statistical significance of the bicluster, (iv) the number of gene sets in the bicluster. The table shows up- and down- regulated biclusters.