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Table 1 Bacterial strains and plasmids used for this study

From: OmpR and RcsB abolish temporal and spatial changes in expression of flhD in Escherichia coli Biofilm

Strains Relevant genotypes Reference
AJW678 thi-1 thr-1(am) leuB6 metF159(Am) rpsL136 ΔlaxX74 [57]
AJW2050 AJW678 ompR::Tn10 [42]
AJW2143 AJW678 rcsB::Tn 5 [60]
MC1000 F-, araD 139 Δ(araAB leu)7696 Δ(lacX74) galU galK strA prsL thi [59]
BP1470 AJW678 pPS71 This study
BP1531 AJW2050 pPS71 This study
BP1532 AJW2143 pKK12 This study
BP1432 AJW678 ompR::gfp This study
BP1462 AJW678 pEC2 This study
BP1437 AJW678 aceK::gfp This study
pPS71 pUA66 flhD::gfp This study
pKK12 pPS71 CmR This study
pOmpR::gfp pUA66 ompR::gfp [62]
pEC2 pAcGFP rcsB::gfp This study
pAceK::gfp pUA66 aceK::gfp [62]
  1. The Tn 10 and Tn 5 transposons confer resistance towards tetracycline and kanamycin, respectively. Δ constitutes a deletion of the respective gene. CmR indicates chloramphenicol resistance. gfp encodes green fluorescence protein.