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Table 2 Putative virulence genes detected in the genome of S. lutetiensis strain 033

From: Dynamics of fecal microbial communities in children with diarrhea of unknown etiology and genomic analysis of associated Streptococcus lutetiensis

Virulence factors Genes related Putative function References
Pneumcoccal cell surface adherence protein A pavA Fibronectin binding [26]
Laminin-binding protein lmb Colonization [22]
Pilus-associated adhesin rrgA Colonization [18]
Sortase A srtA Adhesion to epithelial cells [27]
Streptococcal lipoprotein rotamase A slrA Colonization [28]
Streptococcal enolase eno Plasminogen binding [29]
Pneumococcal surface antigen psaA Adhesin [30]
C3-degrading protease cppA Evasion of innate immunity [31]
Serine protease htrA/degP Biogenesis of Streptolysin S [14]
Trigger factor tig/ropA Stress tolerance and biofilm formation [32]