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Table 1 PFGE and fAFLP discriminatory ability using Listeria monocytogenes isolates of duplicate strains, associated with outbreaks or with sporadic cases

From: Fluorescence amplified fragment length polymorphism compared to pulsed field gel electrophoresis for Listeria monocytogenes subtyping

Isolate Test Study (TS) group number[17] Responsible for sporadic (S) or outbreak (OB). Duplicate culture (D) Origin of isolate Country of origin Molecular serogroup1 PFGE2ApaI/AscI type fAFLP2HhaI/HindIII type
10CEB565LM n/a OB 1 Human England IVb 326/136 IV4.3
10CEB567LM n/a OB 1 Food England IVb 326/136 IV4.3
10CEB550LM n/a OB 2 Human England IVb 178/6 I.8
10CEB552LM n/a OB 2 Food England IVb 178/6 I.8
10CEB553LM n/a OB 3 Human England IIa 149/109 III.10
10CEB554LM n/a OB 3 Food England IIa 149/109 III.10
10CEB559LM n/a OB 4 Human England IVb 309/142 UD4.1
10CEB560LM n/a OB 4 Food England IVb 309/142 UD4.1
10CEB542LM = 10CEB543LM3 n/a D Human England IIc 70/377 VIIc.8
TS32 02 S Food USA IVb 180/50 I.67
TS72 02 S Food USA IVb 180/50 I.67
TS56 = TS773 03 S4 and D Human USA IIa 120/191 VIIa.27
TS39 03 S Food USA IIa 120/191 VIIa.27a
TS67 03 S4 Human USA IIa 120/191 VIIa.27a
TS17 05 S Human USA IIb 93/140 IVb.21
TS61 05 S Food USA IIb 93/140 IVb.21
TS31 15 OB 5 Human France IVb 24-Dec V.21
TS69 15 OB 5 Human France IVb 24-Dec V.21
TS21 16 OB 6 Food Switzerland IVb 19/15 V.3
TS55 16 OB 6 Human Switzerland IVb 19/15 V.3
TS02 22 S25 Human England IIc 70/25 VIIc.1
TS08 22 S25 Human England IIc 70/25 VIIc.1
  1. 1 Serogrouping performed by multiplex PCR [4]: results are from both the European Reference Laboratory (EURL) for L. monocytogenes and the UK National Reference laboratory (UK-NRL) for Listeria.
  2. 2 PFGE was performed by the EURL and fAFLP by UK-NRL.
  3. 3 Serogrouping and typing results were the same for each of the duplicate culture.
  4. 4 The 2 patients of TS group number 3 were 2 separate sporadic cases and not epidemiologically linked [18].
  5. 5 These 2 isolates are from the same patient who had 2 recurrent episodes of listeriosis [19].
  6. n/a: not applicable.