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Table 2 Soil enzyme activities in rhizospheric soils from the study sites

From: Metaproteomic analysis of ratoon sugarcane rhizospheric soil

  Invertase a Urease b Phosphomonoesterase c Polyphenol oxidase d Peroxidase d
Control soil 0.21±0.034b 0.020±0.0009c 0.12±0.0091c 0.85±0.074a 1.91±0.101b
Plant cane soil 0.62±0.033a 0.047±0.0023a 0.41±0.0042a 1.18±0.074a 2.50±0.208a
Ratoon cane soil 0.33±0.020b 0.038±0.0013b 0.27±0.0108b 0.88±0.164a 1.88±0.024b
  1. Note: Data are means ± SE. Different letters in columns show significant differences determined by Tucky’s test (P ≤ 0.05). a μmol glucose g-1 soil h-1; b μmol urea g-1 soil h-1; c μmol p-nitrophenol g-1 soil h-1; d μmol pyrogallol g-1 soil h-1.