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Table 1 Libraries description and construction method.

From: Host gene response to endosymbiont and pathogen in the cereal weevil Sitophilus oryzae

  Library Type Origin Status of infection Presence of symbiont Description Number of individuals / bacteriomes sampled and pooled (quantity of RNA used from samples)
Host response to pathogen SSH1 Subtraction Whole larvae infected no Salmonella+ vs. Salmonella- Salmonella -: 10 uninfected aposymbiotic larvae (10µg)
  SSH2 Subtraction Whole larvae Not infected no Salmonella- vs. Salmonella+ Salmonella +: 15 infected aposymbiotic larvae: 5 collected 3h after infection (3.33µg), 5 after 6h (3.33µg) and 5 after 12h (3.33µg)
Host response to symbiont SSHA Subtraction Bacteriome Not infected yes With symbiont vs. without symbiont With symbiont: 200 symbiotic bacteriomes (10 µg)
  SSHB Subtraction Bacteriome Not infected no Without symbiont vs. with symbiont Without symbiont: 640 aposymbiotic bacteriomes (10 µg)
  SO Non-normalized Bacteriome Not infected yes Pool of bacteriomes with symbiont 170 symbiotic bacteriomes (10µg)
  AO Non-normalized Bacteriome Not infected no Pool of bacteriomes without symbiont 578 aposymbiotic bacteriomes (10 µg)
  NOR Normalized Whole larvae infected yes Pool of Symbiotic Larvae / Aposymbiotic larvae / Aposymbiotic larvae infected during 3h, 6h and 12h 10 uninfected aposymbiotic larvae (2µg) / 10 uninfected symbiotic larvae (2µg) / 15 infected aposymbiotic larvae: 5 collected after 3h of infection (2µg), 5 after 6h (2µg) and 5 after 12h (2µg)