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Table 2 Determination of minimal inhibitory concentrations (MICs) of potential low-level resistant strains (to RIF, SM, PZA)

From: Sequence analysis for detection of first-line drug resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains from a high-incidence setting

strain mutation RIF MIC [μg/ml]
4518/03 rpoB Asp516Tyr (gac/tac) 0.5
5472/03 rpoB Leu533Pro (ctg/ccg) 1.0
10011/03 rpoB Asp516Tyr (gac/tac) 0.5
3736/04 rpoB Leu511Pro (ctg/ccg) 0.5
6467/04 rpoB Asp516Tyr (gac/tac) 0.25
H37Rv control wild type 0.25
strain mutation SM MIC [μg/ml]
6463/04 rpsL Lys88Arg (aag/agg) 0.5
H37Rv control wild type 0.5
strain mutation PZA MIC [μg/ml]
4724/03 pncA Thr47Ala (acc/gcc) 25.0
4730/03 pncA Thr47Ala (acc/gcc) 25.0
6467/04 pncA Lys96Glu (aag/gag) 12.5
H37Rv control wild type 12.5