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Table 3 Strains and plasmids used in this study

From: A Fur-like protein PerR regulates two oxidative stress response related operons dpr and metQIN in Streptococcus suis

Strains or plasmids Characteristics Reference or source
SC-19 Virulent Chinese S. suis serotype 2 isolate, wild-type This work
Δ perR Gene perR inactive strain, Ermr This work
CΔ perR Complemented Δ perR strain, Ermr Spcr This work
Δ dpr Gene dpr inactive strain, Spcr This work
Δ perRΔdpr Gene perR and dpr inactive strain, Ermr Spcr This work
SC-19:EGFP Pdpr-EGFP fusion inserted Wild-type, Spcr This work
Δ perR:EGFP Pdpr-EGFP fusion inserted Δ perR, Spcr This work
DH5αand BL21(DE3) Cloning and expression host In this lab
pSET4s Thermosensitive allelic replacement vector [42]
pSET2 E. coli-S. suis shuttle vector [44]
pET28a His tag fusion expression vector Novagen
pMIDG310 A plasmid containing a EGFP gene  
pSET4s:: perR A mosaic plasmid designed to inactivate perR This work
pSET4s::dpr A mosaic plasmid designed to inactivate dpr This work
pSET2::CperR Recombinant plasmid used for functional complementation of ΔperR This work
pSET4s:EGFP Recombinant plasmid used for inserting a Pdpr-EGFP fusion This work
pET28a:: perR Recombinant expression plasmid to produce His6-fused PerR protein This work
pAT18 A plasmid containing an erm [45]