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Table 1 List of pk1 and pk2 alleles associated to their prophages in different Wolbachia genomes

From: The expression of one ankyrin pk2 allele of the WO prophage is correlated with the Wolbachia feminizing effect in isopods

Wolbachia strain Super group Host species Genome Prophage pk1   pk2   Reference
w CauB B Cadra cautella ABA78515 WOCauB2 B2gp13   -   [26]
    ABA78516 WOCauB3 B2gp14   -   [26]
w Mel A Drosophila melanogaster NC_002978 WOMelB WD0596   WD0636   [11]
w Pip-BfB B Culex pipiens pipiens - - AM397076 pk1b AM397073 pk2c [24]
w Pip-EpA B Culex pipiens quinquefasciatus - - AM397075 pk1a AM397074 pk2d [24]
w Pip-Is B Culex pipiens pipiens - - AM397078 pk1d DQ000474 pk2a [25]
w Pip-KaC B Culex pipiens quinquefasciatus - - AM397079 pk1e DQ000472 pk2a [24]
w Pip-Lv B Culex pipiens pipiens - - AM397077 pk1c DQ000472 pk2a [25]
w Pip-Pel B Culex pipiens quinquefasciatus NC_010981 WOPip1 WPa_0256 ANK08 -   [8]
     WOPip2 WPa_0315 ANK14 WPa_0299 ANK12 [8]
     WOPip3 -   WPa_0340 ANK16 [8]
     WOPip4 -   WPa_0413 ANK25 [8]
     WOPip5 WPa_1308 ANK56 -   [8]
w Ri A Drosophila simulans NC_012416 WORiA1 WRi_005620 ANK16 WRi_005440 ANK14 [9]
     WORiA2 WRi_010280 ANK35 WRi_010100 ANK33 [9]
     WORiB WRi_p07220 ANK29 -   [9]
     WORiB WRi_p07650 ANK31 -   [9]
w Pip-Sl B Culex pipiens quinquefasciatus - - AM397076 pk1b DQ000471 pk2b [25]
w VitA A Nasonia vitripennis HQ906662 WOVitA1   pk1-1   pk2-1 [27]
    HQ906663 WOVitA2   pk1-2   - [27]
w VulC B Armadillidium vulgare - WOVulC1 HM452371 ANK46b -   This study
     WOVulC2 HM452372 ANK32 -   This study
     WOVulC3 HM452373 ANK60b HM452376 ANK40a This study
     WOVulC4 HM452374 ANK25 HM452376 ANK40b This study
     WOVulC5 HM452371 ANK46a HM452375 ANK48 This study
     WOVulC6 HM452373 ANK60a -   This study
  1. Accession numbers from this study are in bold.