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Figure 1

From: The expression of one ankyrin pk2 allele of the WO prophage is correlated with the Wolbachia feminizing effect in isopods

Figure 1

Networks of pk1 and pk2 genes . Networks of (A) pk1 and (B) pk2 sequences encoding ANK motif clusters. Identical sequences were merged and are represented under one unique label comprising information on the gene and prophage when available: (A) ANK16_WORiA1 corresponds also to ANK35_WORiA2, ANK08_WOPip1 = ANK14_WOPip2 = ANK56_WOPip5 = pk1b_wPip-BfB/Sl (B) pk2_WOMelB = ANK14_WORiA1 = ANK33_WORiA2, ANK12_WOPip2 = ANK25_WOPip4 = pk2_wPip-Is/Lv/KaC (see Table 1). Node support: ML bootstrap/MrBayes posterior probability, values <70 or 0.70 are not shown.

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