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Table 1 Arcobacter spp. strains used in this study

From: Updated 16S rRNA-RFLP method for the identification of all currently characterised Arcobacterspp

A. butzleri LMG 10828T,¶,Ω, LMG 11118Ω Human faeces
  W24-2-1, W24-05-1, W07-01-8, W03-03-6, W26-02-2, W03-02-7, W21-05-1, W2105-3, W21-05-7, W24-01-1, W10-01-1 Sea water
  SWDS1-3-2 Sewage
  F42, F46Ω, F49, F51 Pork meat
  F15, F22, F23, F24, F25 Turkey meat
  F44, F47, F52 Chicken meat
  F43, F50Ω, F53 Beef meat
  F1, F2, F29, F30, F38, F98-1, SAN600-1,SAN600-6, SAN512-1, SAN547-10, SAN548-8, SAN582-1, SAN582-6 Mussels
  T62 Soil
A. trophiarum LMG 25534T,¶,Ω, LMG 25535¶,Ω Pig faeces
  CECT 7650Ω Chicken cloacae
A. thereius LMG 24486T,¶,Ω, LMG 24487¶,Ω Porcine abortion foetus
  SW24Ω Sewage
  F61-1Ω Pork meat
  F89-4 Mussels
  F93-4Ω Clams
A. cryaerophilus LMG 9904T,¶,Ω, LMG 9871¶,Ω Bovine abortion foetus
  LMG 9865¶,Ω, LMG 10241¶,Ω, LMG 6622, LMG 10229¶,Ω Porcine abortion
  LMG 7537, LMG 9863¶,Ω Ovine abortion foetus
  LMG 10829 Human blood
  LMG 9861¶,Ω Bovine abortion foetus
  FE4Ω, FE5¶,Ω, FE6¶,Ω, FE9¶,Ω, FE11Ω, FE13Ω Chicken cloacal swabs
  FE14Ω Ovine faeces
  MICV1-1¶,Ω, MICV3-2¶,Ω Cow faeces
A. nitrofigilis CECT 7204T,¶,Ω, LMG 7547Ω Roots of Spartina alterniflora
  F39Ω, F40, F72Ω Mussels
A. skirrowii LMG 6621T,¶,Ω Lamb faeces
  LMG 9911 Porcine abortion
  Houf 989¶,Ω, Houf 994Ω Cow faeces
  S7Ω Sludge
  F94-1Ω Clams
  F125-1Ω Mussels
  ArcoEΩ, ArcoFΩ  
A. cibarius CECT 7203T,¶,Ω Chicken meat
  NC81Ω, NC88Ω Piggery effluent
  H742, H743Ω, H745, H746Ω, H748 Poultry carcasses
A . halophilus LA31BT,¶,Ω Hypersaline lagoon
A . mytili CECT 7386T,¶,Ω, CECT 7385¶,Ω Mussels
  T234Ω Brackish water
A . marinus CECT 7727T,¶,Ω Seawater/starfish
A . defluvii CECT 7697T,¶,Ω, SW28-7¶,Ω, SW28-8, SW28-9, SW28-10, SW30-2¶,Ω, SW30-7, SW30-8 Sewage
  MICCC4-2Ω Pig faeces
  SAN599-9Ω Mussels
A . molluscorum CECT 7696T,¶,Ω, F91¶,Ω, F101-1¶,Ω Mussels
A . ellisii F79-6T,¶,Ω, F79-2¶,Ω, F79-7¶,Ω Mussels
A . bivalviorum F4T,¶,Ω, F118-2¶,Ω, F118-4¶,Ω Mussels
A . venerupis F67-11T,¶,Ω Clams
A . suis F41T,¶,Ω Pork meat
A . cloacae SW28-13T,¶,Ω Sewage
  F26¶,Ω Mussels
  1. ATCC American Type Culture Collection, LMG Belgian Co-ordinated Collection of Micro-organisms, CECT Colección Española de Cultivos Tipo.
  2. ¶ Sequenced 16S rRNA gene.
  3. Ω Sequenced rpoB gene.