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Archived Comments for: PHB granules are attached to the nucleoid via PhaM in Ralstonia eutropha

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  1. PhaM and the biogenesis of PHB granules in R. eutropha

    Marcelo Muller-Santos, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - UFPR - Brazil

    6 February 2013

    The article published by Wahl and co-authors brings interesting results concerning the biogenesis of PHB granules and the involvement of PhaM (a DNA-PHB binding protein). Undoubtedly, as remarked by the authors the biogenesis of PHB granules remains an open field of research since the process is still not totally clear. However, the finding of PhaM and its characterisation will contribute to future studies of other groups acting in this field, in addition to bringing new possible facets to the cellular role of PHB.

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