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Table 1 Escherichia coli K-12 strains

From: On the viability of Escherichia colicells lacking DNA topoisomerase I

Strain Relevant genotype Source
General P1 donors
VS111 F- ΔtopA75 zci2234::cat Δfnr-267? rph-1 CGSC [11]
MG1655 and derivatives
N4560 ΔrecG::cat [26]
N4704 rnhA::cat [15]
N6052 ΔrecG::apra [13]
AM2283 ΔlacIZYA ΔproB::rnhA + -frt > kan > frt This study
AM2284 ΔlacIZYA ΔproB::rnhA+- frt > kan > frt pCP20 AM2283 × pCP20 to Apr
AM2285 ΔlacIZYA ΔproB::rnhA + - frt AM2284
AM2290 ΔlacIZYA ΔproB::rnhA + - frt > kan > frt TB28 × P1.AM2283 to Kmr
AM2304 ΔlacIZYA ΔproB::rnhA + - frt > kan > frt ΔrecG::apra AM2290 × P1.N6052 to Aprar
AS1047 ΔlacIZYA pAST111 TB28 × pAST111 to Apr
AS1050 ΔlacIZYA ΔtopA::apra pAST111 AS1047 × P1.RCe296 to Aprar
AS1053 ΔlacIZYA topA::apra ΔrecG::cat pAST111 AS1050 × P1.N4560 to Cmr
AS1054 ΔlacIZYA topA::apra rnhA::cat pAST111 AS1050 × P1.N4704 to Cmr
AS1066 ΔlacIZYA topA::apra pAST111 pECR17 AS1050 × pECR17 to Apr Kmr
AS1067 ΔlacIZYA topA::apra ΔrecG::cat pAST111 pECR17 AS1053 × pECR17 to Apr Kmr
AS1068 ΔlacIZYA topA::apra rnhA::cat pAST111 pECR17 AS1054 × pECR17 to Apr Kmr
AS1070 ΔlacIZYA ΔtopA75 zci-2234::cat pAST111 AS1047 × P1.VS111 to Cmr
AS1130 ΔlacIZYA ΔproB::rnhA+-frt pAST111 AM2285 × pAST111 to Apr
AS1131 ΔlacIZYA ΔproB::rnhA+-frt topA::apra pAST111 AS1130 × P1.RCe296 to Aprar
AS1133 ΔlacIZYA topA::apra pAST111 pAST120 AS1050 × pAST120 to Kmr (Apr)
AS1134 ΔlacIZYA ΔproB::rnhA+- frt > kan > frt ΔrecG::apra pJJ100 AM2304 × pJJ100 to Apr
AS1137 ΔlacIZYA ΔproB::rnhA+- frt > kan > frt ΔrecG::apra rnhA::cat pJJ100 AS1134 × P1.N4704 to Cmr
AS1139 ΔlacIZYA ΔproB::rnhA+- frt topA::apra pAST111 pECR17 AS1131 × pERC17 to Kmr (Apr)
RCe296 topA::apra This study
TB28 ΔlacIZYA [12]