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Figure 3

From: Detection of Burkholderia pseudomallei O-antigen serotypes in near-neighbor species

Figure 3

Serum sensitivity of B. pseudomallei near-neighbors. B. thailandensis E264, MSMB59, MSMB60 and B. oklahomensis E0147 showed a slight resistance to killing by 30% NHS while all other strains were susceptible to killing, especially B. ubonensis MSMB108. This is in agreement with prior studies showing serum sensitivity of B. pseudomallei strains expressing type B2 or rough type O-antigens. Note: Bt, B. thailandensis; Bt-like, B. thailandensis-like species; Bu, B. ubonensis; Bok, B. oklahomensis; and B.sp, Burkholderia sp

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