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Table 4 Summary of the optimisation procedure for resolution (res) and congruence (inc) in the Francisella genus where the consensus set of markers are highlighted according to how often they are selected in the optimal partitions of markers; position 1 corresponds to the most represented marker

From: Increased knowledge of Francisellagenus diversity highlights the benefits of optimised DNA-based assays

  Position 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
No of markers Metric        
2 res 08-fabH 35-tpiA      
  inc 08-fabH 35-tpiA      
3 res 08-fabH 35-tpiA 24-lpnB     
  inc 08-fabH 35-tpiA 02-16 s     
4 res 08-fabH 35-tpiA 24-lpnB 27-parC    
  inc 35-tpiA 08-fabH 01-16S 02-16 s    
5 res 08-fabH 35-tpiA 24-lpnB 27-parC 22-lpnA   
  inc 35-tpiA 08-fabH 24-lpnB 27-parC 33-rpoB   
6 res 08-fabH 24-lpnB 35-tpiA 27-parC 22-lpnA 25-mdh  
  inc 35-tpiA 08-fabH 24-lpnB 04-16 s 01-16S 33-rpoB  
7 res 08-fabH 35-tpiA 24-lpnB 26-mutS 27-parC 18-groEL 22-lpnA
  inc 35-tpiA 08-fabH 01-16S 04-16 s 24-lpnB 27-parC 25-mdh
  1. Markers 02-16 s + ItS + 23 s and 04-16 s + ItS + 23 s are abbreviated as 02-16 s and 04-16 s, respectively.