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Table 2 Strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Single cell analysis of Vibrio harveyi uncovers functional heterogeneity in response to quorum sensing signals

Strain or plasmid Relevant genotype or description Reference
Escherichia coli BW29427 thrB1004 pro thi rpsL hsdS lacZ ΔM15 RP4-1360 Δ(araBAD) 567 ΔdapA1341::[erm pir (wt)] [47]
Vibrio harveyi BB120 wild type, ATCC BAA-1116 [reclassified as Vibrio campbellii] [5, 48]
Vibrio harveyi JAF78 ΔluxO-CamR [13]
pLAFRII cosmid vector, TetR [49]
pBK-miniTn7-gfp3 mini-Tn7 transposon delivery plasmid [50]
pBAD24 pBR322 ori, AmpR [51]
pBAD24gfp pBAD24 carrying gfpmut3 [52]
pBAD24gfptetR pBAD24 carrying gfpmut3, TetR This work
pCA1 pBAD24 carrying P recA ::gfpmut3, TetR This work
pCA2 pBAD24 carrying P luxC ::gfpmut3, TetR This work
pCA3 pBAD24 carrying P vhp ::gfpmut3, TetR This work
pCA4 pBAD24 carrying P vscP ::gfpmut3, TetR This work
pCA5 pBAD24 carrying P luxS ::gfpmut3, TetR This work