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Table 2 Strains and plasmids used in this work

From: Tigecycline challenge triggers sRNA production in Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium

Strain Genotype Comment
SL1344 Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium wild type [48]
JVS-0255 SL1344 Δhfq [7]
MG1655 Escherichia coli wild type [49]
Ecl8 Klebsiella pneumoniae wild type [50]
YJ104 SL1344 ΔsYJ20*::cat This work, derived from SL1344
YJ107 SL1344 ΔsYJ20::cat pYJ104 This work, derived from YJ104
YJ110 SL1344 ΔsYJ20::cat pACYC177 This work, derived from YJ104
Plasmid Genotype  
pYJ104 pACYC177 ·sYJ20 HindIII/BamHI fragment from PCR for SL1344 using primers sYJ20_HF and sYJ20_BR
  1. *: sYJ20 is the coding sequence for SroA.