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Figure 5

From: Tigecycline challenge triggers sRNA production in Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium

Figure 5

The chromosomal location of the sYJ20 (SroA) encoding region and its encoding sequence. sYJ20 is encoded upstream of the tbpA-yabK-yabJ operon, and the shared TSS of sYJ20 and tbpA as determined by 5’ RACE analysis is represented by the dark-black arrow. The DNA sequence of sYJ20 (SroA) is shown in bold letters, which is also the region that was deleted in YJ104 and used for TargetRNA prediction (Table1). The THI-box sequence is underlined. The start codon of tbpA is displayed at larger size as GTG, where the first G is considered +1 in the numbering system.

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