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Table 1 Strains of  Acidovorax oryzae  (Ao) and  Acidovorax citrulli  (Ac) used in this study

From: Differentiation in MALDI-TOF MS and FTIR spectra between two closely related species Acidovorax oryzae and Acidovorax citrulli

Ao strains Sources Ac strains Sources
R1001 Rice seedling, this lab A1 Watermelon leaf, CAAS, China
R1002 Rice seedling, this lab Aacf Watermelon leaf, FAFFU, China
R1003 Rice seedling, this lab Ab1 Watermelon leaf, this lab
R1004 Rice seedling, this lab Njf4 Watermelon leaf, NAU, China
CB97012 Rice seeds, this lab Ps96 Watermelon leaf, CAAS, China
CB97058 Rice seeds, this lab Ab3 Melon leaf, this lab
CB97063 Rice seeds, this lab Tw20 Melon leaf, CAAS, China
CB97181 Rice seeds, this lab Ab5 Melon leaf, this lab
CB97095 Rice seeds, this lab Ab8 Melon leaf, this lab
CB97128 Rice seeds, this lab Ab9 Melon leaf, this lab
  1. CAAS: Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences; FAFFU: Fujian Agricultural and Forestry University; NAU: Nanjing Agricultural University.