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Table 1 Bacterial strains, mammalian cells and plasmids used in this study

From: Phenotypic and Genomic Analysis of Hypervirulent Human-associated Bordetella bronchiseptica

Bacterial strains or plasmids Alternate name Source Genotype or relevant characteristics Reference
E.coli strains     
DH5α    SupE44ΔlacU169 (Φ80lacZΔM15) hsdR17recA1 endA1 gyrA96 thi-1 relA1 [48]
SM10λpir    Expression of the π protein for replication of suicide vector [49]
Bordetella strains     
RB50   Rabbit Complex-I strain, ST-12,Smr [20]
RB50ΔbscN WD3   RB50ΔbscN, Smr [15]
RB50ΔbteA    RB50ΔbteA, Smr [11]
A309 SBL-F6116 Human Complex-IV strain, ST-9, Smr [10]
A310 SBL-F6368 Human Complex-IV strain, ST-8, Smr [10]
A345 GA96-01 Human Complex-IV strain, ST-21, Smr [10]
Bbr69 591 Dog Complex-IV strain, ST-22, Smr [10]
Bbr77 675 Human Complex-IV strain, ST-18, Smr [10]
D444 MO149 Human Complex-IV strain, ST-15, Smr [10]
D445 MO211 Human Human complex-IV strain, ST-17, Smr [10]
D446 MO275 Human Complex-IV strain, ST-3, Smr [10]
D758 00-P-2730 Human Complex-IV strain, ST-34, Smr [10]
D445ΔbscN    Complex-IV strain, ST-17, Smr This study
D445ΔbteA    Complex-IV strain, ST-17, Smr This study
Bbr77ΔbscN    Complex-IV strain, ST-18, Smr This study
Bbr77ΔbteA    Complex-IV strain, ST-18, Smr This study
Bbr68 590 Dog Complex-I strain, ST-10, Smr [10]
Bbr78 680 Koala bear Complex-I strain, ST-7, Smr [10]
Bbr79 401 Dog Complex-I strain, ST-7, Smr [10]
545   Pig Complex-I strain, ST-7, Smr [10]
548   Pig Complex-I strain, ST-4, Smr [10]
599   Dog Complex-I strain, ST-27, Smr [10]
601   Dog Complex-I strain, ST-4, Smr [10]
705   Rabbit Complex-I strain, ST-10, Smr [10]
723   Cat Complex-I strain, ST-23, Smr [10]
782   Cat Complex-I strain, ST-5, Smr [10]
BBE001   Human Complex I, ST-11 [34]
BBF579   Human Complex IV, Novel ST [34]
Mammalian cells     
HeLa/CCL-2TM    Human cervical adenocarcinoma cell line ATCC
A549/CCL-185TM    Human lung carcinoma cell line ATCC
J774A.1/ TIB-67TM    Mouse monocyte-macrophage cell line ATCC
pEGBR1005    pSS1129 based suicide plasmid harboring bscN in-frame deletion of codons 171–261, pir dependent, oriT, oriV, sacB, KmR [15]
pRE112-ΔbteA    pGP704 based suicide plasmid harboring bteA in-frame deletion of codons 4–653, pir dependent, oriT, oriV, sacB, CmR [11]
pBBR1MCS-5    lacPOZmob+, broad-host- cloning vector, GmR [50]
pbteA    bteA cloned into pBBR1MCS-5, GmR [11]