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Table 1 Strains and references

From: Zymographic differentiation of [NiFe]-Hydrogenases 1, 2 and 3 of Escherichia coli K-12

Strain Genotype Reference
MC4100 F-, araD139, Δ(argF-lac)U169, λ-, rpsL150, relA1 deoC1, flhD5301, Δ(fruK-yeiR)725(fruA25), rbsR22, Δ(fimB-fimE)632(::IS1) [28]
CP734 MC4100 ΔhyaB hybC [20]
CP971 MC4100 ΔhycA-I [29]
CPD17 MC4100 ΔhyaB hybC fdhE This study
CPD23 MC4100 ΔhyaB hybC fdhE fdhF (KmR) This study
CPD24 MC4100 ΔhyaB hybC fdoG fdnG (KmR) This study
DHP-F2 MC4100 ΔhypF [30]
FM460 MC4100 Δ(selC)400 (KmR) [27]
FM911 MC4100 ΔfdhF recA56 [31]
FTD22 MC4100 ΔhyaB [32]
FTD67 MC4100 ΔhybC [32]
FTD147 MC4100 ΔhyaB ΔhybC ΔhycE [33]
FTD150 MC4100 ΔhyaB ΔhybC ΔhycE ΔhyfB-R [33]
FTH004 MC4100 coding for a chromosomal in-frame C-terminal His-tag on HyaA [34]
HDK101 MC4100 Δhya (KmR) ΔhycA Martin Sauter
HDK103 MC4100 Δhya (KmR) ΔhycA-H [35]
HDK203 MC4100 ΔhybBC (KmR) ΔhycA-H [35]
ML23 FTH004 encoding C19G/C120G exchange in HyaA [9]
ML24 FTH004 encoding a C120G exchange in HyaA [9]
ML25 FTH004 encoding a C19G exchange in HyaA [9]