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Figure 5

From: Characterisation of the mgo operon in Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae UMAF0158 that is required for mangotoxin production

Figure 5

Study of the terminators located at the end of the mgo operon. A) The organisation of the mgo operon, showing the genes belonging to the operon as grey boxes, the ORF outside the operon as a white box and the rRNA as black arrows; the promoter () and transcriptional terminators () are indicated as T1 and T2. B) The terminal region of the mgo operon, the 3'-end of the mgoD gene (with the stop codon in bold type) and the 5'-end of the 5S rRNA are indicated. Between these two segments is the nucleotide sequence in which the two putative terminators were identified by the bioinformatic analysis (SoftBerry Inc.), which are indicated as terminator 1 (T1) and terminator 2 (T2). C) The secondary structure of the two putative Rho-independent terminators within the mgo operon (terminator 1 (T1) and terminator 2 (T2)), as predicted by FindTerm software (SoftBerry Inc.). D) A diagram of the experimental design for locating the functional mgo operon terminator. The amplicon sizes and primer directions are indicated. Agarose electrophoresis of the RT-PCR experiments. HyperLadder IV (Bioline) was used as the loading buffer.

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