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Table 1 Gene ID and annotation of 14 most expressed cyst and trophozoite genes

From: A comparison of the Giardia lamblia trophozoite and cyst transcriptome using microarrays

cysts trophozoites
gene ID annotation gene ID annotation
GL50803_7110 ubiquitin GL50803_16044 hypothetical
GL50803_135002 histone H4 GL50803_10919 ribosomal protein S10B
GL50803_121046 histone H2B GL50803_17153 α11 giardin
GL50803_9848 dynein light chain GL50803_31374 hypothetical
GL50803_32146 α-tubulin GL50803_31532 ribosomal protein L18a
GL50803_135231 histone H3 GL50803_7110 ubiquitin
GL50803_6430 14-3-3 protein GL50803_15228 ribosomal protein S15A
GL50803_4812 β-giardin GL50803_116306 variant surface protein
GL50803_16114 ribosomal protein L36-1 GL50803_35316 protein 21.1
GL50803_19182 hypothetical GL50803_31107 hypothetical
GL50803_15046 ribosomal protein L26 GL50803_135002 histone H4
GL50803_137610 variant surface protein GL50803_32002 ribosomal protein L10
GL50803_136001 variant surface protein GL50803_6135* ribosomal protein S17
GL50803_16501 variant surface protein GL50803_35621 protein 21.1