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Table 1 Sequence analysis of rpoS in twenty-two ECOR strains

From: The constancy of global regulation across a species: the concentrations of ppGpp and RpoS are strain-specific in Escherichia coli

Strain arpoS PCR fragment size bChange in nucleotide sequence bChange in amino acid sequence
ECOR02 1.3 Kb C97G Q33E
ECOR05 1.3 Kb C97G,C942T Q33E
ECOR08 1.3 Kb C97G,C942T Q33E
ECOR17 1.3 Kb C97G, G377T, C942T Q33E, G126V
ECOR18 1.3 Kb C97G, ΩT392, C942T Q33E, E132R, K133E, F134V, D135 amber *
ECOR20 1.3 Kb T32G, C97G, C942T L11 amber, Q33E *
ECOR22 1.3 Kb C97G, C777T, C942T Q33E
ECOR28 4.2 Kb ΩA269 Frameshift after aa R85 *
ECOR32 4.2 Kb C97G,G598T Q33E, E200amber *
ECOR33 4.2 Kb C97G, ΩA after nt494, ΩT after nt915 Q33E, frameshift after I165 *
ECOR45 4.2 Kb ΩA518 Frameshift after aa 174 *
ECOR50 4.2 Kb C264T, T270C, T357G, T462C, T549C, G564A, T573C, G819A wild type
ECOR51 3.4 Kb ΩT76, C97G,T163C, C264T, T357G, T462C, T573C, C732T, G819A, C987T D26 amber *
ECOR54 3.4 Kb ΩA after nt83, C97G, T163C, C264T, T357G, T462C, T573C, C732T, G819A, C987T Q33E, frameshift after K28**
ECOR55 3.4 Kb C97G, T163C, C264T, T357G, T462C, T573C, C732T, G819A, C987T Q33E
ECOR56 3.4 Kb C97G, T163C, T357G, G377A, T462C, T573C, C732T, G819A, C987T Q33E, G126E
ECOR58 4.2 Kb C97G, C672T Q33E
ECOR59 3.4 Kb C97G, G124T, T163C, T339C, T357G, C405T, T462C, T573C, C732T Q33E, E42 amber and frameshift after aa S186 *
ECOR63 3.4 Kb C97G, T163C, T357G, C405T, T462C, T573C, C732T, G990A Q33E
ECOR66 3.4 Kb C97G, T163C, T357G, C421T, T462C, T573C, C732T Q33E, R141C
ECOR69 4.2 Kb C97G Q33E
ECOR70 1.3 Kb Δnt94-nt121 (28nts) Δaa32-41 (10aas) *
  1. a The PCR product covering the rpoS gene was of differing size, consistent with variation in the rpoS-mutS region in the species E. coli [34]. The 1.3 Kb fragment corresponds to E. coli K-12, and the 4.2 Kb and 3.4 Kb products are equivalent to regions found by [35, 36].
  2. b The comparison is to the E. coli K-12 rpoS sequence
  3. * Not detectable RpoS in immunoblots (see Figure 1)
  4. ** Truncated RpoS, as described [63]