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Table 1 Bacillary infections and tuberculin skin test data in rabbit populations.

From: A modified scoring system to describe gross pathology in the rabbit model of tuberculosis

Sensitization Status Skin testing (mm3) Days of Infection Prior to Necropsy Instilled Dose (CFU)
Sensitized rabbits
AF1 (M. bovis AF2122) 1013 mm3 85 18,0000
AF2 (M. bovis AF2122) 748 mm3 90 18,0000
AF3 (M. bovis AF2122) 1507 mm3 50 18,0000
AF4 (M. bovis AF2122) 1761 mm3 58 18,0000
Bo(S)1 (M. bovis Ravenel) 1291 mm3 98 18,0000
Bo(S)2 (M. bovis Ravenel) 1482 mm3 57 18,0000
Bo(S)3 (M. bovis Ravenel) 1495 mm3 61 18,0000
Bo(S)4 (M. bovis Ravenel) 1245 mm3 64 18,0000
Bo(S)5 (M. bovis Ravenel) 1404 mm3 83 18,0000
Non-sensitized rabbits
AF5 (M. bovis AF2122) n/a 61 18,000
B1 (M. bovis Ravenel) n/a 54 8000
B2 (M. bovis Ravenel) n/a 55 8000
Bo1 (M. bovis Ravenel) n/a 65 10000
Bo2 (M. bovis Ravenel) n/a 63 10000
Bo3 (M. bovis Ravenel) n/a 61 15000
Bo4 (M. bovis Ravenel) n/a 62 10000
  1. Two strains of M. bovis were utilized with similar pathologic endpoints observed in both non-sensitized and sensitized rabbits. Select sensitized rabbits were followed up to 100 days post-infection. Non-sensitized rabbits were observed up to 60 days after bronchoscopic infection. Intradermal skin testing was performed prior to infection on sensitized rabbits 25 days after the last sensitization injection to confirm successful acquisition of delayed-type hypersensitivity (DTH) immunity. Non-sensitized animals did not undergo skin testing prior to infection due to the lack of exposure to the sensitizing agent. Varying dosages and duration of infection were seen in the sensitized and non-sensitized rabbits based on initial experimental objectives prior to the application of this retrospective study.