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Figure 3

From: Phenotypic and transcriptional analysis of the osmotic regulator OmpR in Yersinia pestis

Figure 3

Autoregulation of OmpR but not CRP. a) LacZ fusion reporter. A recombinant pRW50 that contained a promoter-proximal region of ompR was transformed into WT or ΔompR to determine the promoter activity. This figure shows the decreased mean fold for the ompR promoter activity in ΔompR relative to WT. d) DNase I footprinting. For DNase I digestion, the labeled promoter-proximal region of ompR was incubated with various amounts of purified, acetyl phosphate-treated His-OmpR (lanes 1, 2, and 3 contained 0, 10 and 20 pmol, respectively). Lanes G, A, T, and C represent the Sanger sequencing reactions, and the protected regions (bold lines) are indicated on the right-hand side. The numbers indicate the nucleotide positions upstream the transcriptional start sites.

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