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Table 4 Competition assays in CaCo-2 cells

From: Role of ZnuABC and ZinT in Escherichia coliO157:H7 zinc acquisition and interaction with epithelial cells

Strain A (relevant genotype) Strain B (relevant genotype) Median CIa Pb
Wild type znuA::cam* 6.833 0.034
Wild type zinT::kan* 0.980 NS
Wild type zinT:: kan znuA:: cam* 3.899 0.004
zinT::kan zinT:: kan znuA:: cam* 2.788 < 0.001
znuA::cam zinT:: kan* znuA:: cam 0.697 0.004
  1. a. Competitive index = output (Strain A/Strain B)/inoculum (Strain A/Strain B).
  2. b. Statistical differences between output and inocula (the P-values) were determined by the Students t test. NS, not significant.
  3. * Antibiotic used for strains selection