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Table 1 Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Characterisation of two quorum sensing systems in the endophytic Serratia plymuthicastrain G3: differential control of motility and biofilm formation according to life-style

Strain/Plasmid Description Reference/source
Bacterial strain   
Serratia sp. G3 Wild type, Rif r This work
G3/pME6000 G3 derivative transformed with the pME6000 vector plasmid This work
G3/pME6863-aiiA G3 derivative transformed with the pME6863 plasmid This work
Chromobacterium violaceum CV026 Violacein production-based AHL bioreporter 24
E. coli DH5α F- recA1 endA1 hsdR17 deoR thi-1 supE44 gyrA96 relA1 D(lacZYA ± argF) U169 k- [u80dlacZDM15] 25
E. coli S17-1 thi pro hsdR recA; chromosomal RP4; Tra+; Sm/Spr 25
pME6000 Broad-host-range cloning vector; Tcr 21
pME6863 pME6000 carrying the aiiA gene of strain A24 under the control of constitutive lac promoter; Tcr 21
pUCP18::gfpmut3.1 pUCP18 carrying gfpmut3.1 gene; Cbr 28
Fungal strain   
Cryphonectria parasítica   Lab collection