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Table 1 Plasmids used in this study

From: Effects of receptor modification and temperature on dynamics of sensory complexes in Escherichia colichemotaxis

Plasmid Relevant genotype Induction level
pDK54 cheW-eyfp 50 [37]
pSS8 eyfp-cheA Δ258 50 [37]
pDK137 tar EEEE -eyfp 20 gift of David Kentner
pDK138 tar QQQQ -eyfp 20 gift of David Kentner
pVS138 cheB-eyfp 100 [58]
pDK19 cheR-eyfp 100 [37]
pDK159 cheB S164C -eyfp 50 [40]
pDK183 cheB D56E -eyfp 50 gift of David Kentner
pDK116 eyfp-cheR D154A 50 [40]