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Table 5 SNP and antibiotic resistance gene profiles of E. faecium isolates and their corresponding Sequence types (STs)

From: SNP diversity of Enterococcus faecalis and Enterococcus faecium in a South East Queensland waterway, Australia, and associated antibiotic resistance gene profiles

SNP Profile SNP ID No. of Isolates Antibiotic resistance [Identified genetic determinants] Corresponding sequence Types (STs) for SNP profiles in MLST
AAACTTTC 1 3 No antibiotic resistance detected ST 544, ST 583
AACCCTTC a 2 1 Amp R [pbp5]m; Tet R [tetM] ST 602 N
AACCCTTC a 2 3 Cip IR [gyrA]  
AACCCTTC a 2 2 No antibiotic resistance detected  
AATCCTTC 3 1 Gen IR [aac(6')-aph(2')]; Cip IR [gyrA] ST8, ST9, ST58, ST134, ST194, ST198, ST237, ST244, ST248,
AATCCTTC 3 2 No antibiotic resistance detected ST259, ST266, ST298, ST309, ST370, ST402, ST425,
AATCTTTC 4 1 No antibiotic resistance detected ST40, ST100, ST163, ST211, ST221, ST223, ST226,
AGCCCCTC 5 1 Gen IR [aac(6')-aph(2')] ST 607 N
AGCCCTCT 6 1 No antibiotic resistance detected ST508
AGCCCTTT 7 2 Cip IR [gyrA] ST 603 N
AGCCCTTT 7 1 No antibiotic resistance detected  
AGCCTTTC 8 2 No antibiotic resistance detected ST 604 N
AGCTCTCC 9 2 Gen IR [aac(6')-aph(2')];Cip R [gyrA]m;Amp R [pbp5]m ST260, ST262, ST273, ST322
AGTCCTTC 10 2 Gen IR [aac(6')-aph(2')]; Cip R [gyrA]m ST13, ST14, ST48, ST79, ST82, ST120, ST157, ST195, ST200, ST241
    Tet R [tetL & S] ST242, ST310, ST311,
AGTCCTTT 11 1 Gen IR [aac(6')-aph(2')]; Cip IR [gyrA] ST15, ST70
AGTCTTTT 12 2 Cip IR [gyrA] ST 605 N
GACCCTCC 13 1 Gen IR [aac(6')-aph(2')] ST 608 N
GACCCTCC 13 1 Cip IR [gyrA]  
GACCCTTT 14 1 Cip IR [gyrA]; Tet R [tetL & M] ST 609 N
GACCCTTT 14 2 Tet R [tetL,M & S]  
GATCCTTC 15 1 Gen IR [aac(6')-aph(2')] ST 610 N
GGCCCCCC 16 2 Cip IR [gyrA] ST501, ST511, ST516, ST518, ST521, ST522, ST529, ST530, ST565, ST588, ST592, ST599
GGCCCTCC 17 3 Amp R [pbp5]m; Tet IR [tetL & tetM] ST162
GGCCCTTC 18 2 Cip IR [gyrA] ST 611 N
GGCCTCCC 19 1 No antibiotic resistance detected ST 606 N
GGTCCCCC 20 2 Cip IR [gyrA] ST22, ST23, ST24, ST27, ST28, ST33, ST36, ST55, ST59, ST106,
     ST111, ST119, ST122, ST131, ST136, ST159, ST214, ST263, ST269,
     ST270, ST315, ST372, ST379, ST422, ST435
GGTCCTCC 21 1 Cip R [gyrA]m ST1, ST2, ST3, ST4, ST32, ST34, ST35, ST41, ST43, ST72,
     ST87, ST90, ST104, ST109, ST128, ST139, ST146, ST215, ST250, ST253
     ST257, ST291, ST292, ST330, ST426, ST427,
GGTCCTTT 22 1 Cip IR [gyrA] ST6, ST88, ST149, ST170, ST247, ST255, ST354
GGTCCTTC 23 2 No antibiotic resistance detected ST7, ST21, ST25, ST26, ST29, ST37, ST57, ST66, ST68, ST83,
     ST89,ST97,ST99,ST112,ST113,ST115,ST124, ST129, ST143, ST158,
     ST160, ST176, ST183, ST210, ST236, ST243, ST245, ST246, ST251,
     ST265, ST271, ST272, ST277, ST281, ST284, ST297, ST358, ST381,
     ST384, ST395, ST401, ST418, ST433, ST437,
  1. aSNP profiles which were present in hospital isolates are bold and underlined
  2. SNP profiles in bold text are isolates with the same SNP profiles but with different antibiotic resistant gene profiles.
  3. Amp; ampicillin, Cip; ciprofloxacin, Gen; gentamicin, Tet; tetracycline,
  4. R Resistant, IR Intermediate resistant, m mutation
  5. N New sequence types identified in the present study