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Table 2 Hydrogen-oxidizing enzyme activity of the complemented PM06 (feoB::Tn5) mutant

From: Iron restriction induces preferential down-regulation of H2-consuming over H2-evolving reactions during fermentative growth of Escherichia coli

Straina and genotype Hydrogenase specific activityb
(μmol H2 oxidized min-1 mg protein-1)
MC4100 2.96 (± 0.31)
DHP-F2 (hypF) < 0.01
PM06 (feoB::Tn5) 1.28 (± 0.50)
PM06 pECD1079 (feoB+) 0.44 (± 0.13)
PM06 pFEO (feoABC+) 3.4 (± 1.30)
  1. a Cell extracts were prepared from cells grown anaerobically in TGYEP plus formate.
  2. b The mean and standard deviation of at least three independent experiments are shown.