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Figure 2

From: Expression of urease by Haemophilus influenzaeduring human respiratory tract infection and role in survival in an acid environment

Figure 2

Characterization of mutants and recombinant urease C protein. Left panel. Immunoblot assay probed with rabbit antiserum (1:50,000) raised to recombinant purified urease C and adsorbed with urease mutant 11P6HureC-. Blots were probed with goat anti-rabbit IgG (1:1000) and color was developed with horseradish peroxide developer. Lanes contain whole cell lysates as follows: a) Wild type 11P6H; b) Urease C mutant 11P6HureC-; c) Urease operon mutant 11P6Hure-; d) Complemented urease C mutant 11P6HureC-(pureC). Right panel. Coomassie blue stained polyacrylamide gel. Lane e) Purified recombinant urease C. Arrow denotes full size protein. The lower band is a fragment of the full size protein. Molecular mass standards are noted on the left of each panel in kilodaltons.

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