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Table 1 References and source of the Bifidobacterium strains used for the validation of PCR assays

From: Bifidobacterium pseudolongum are efficient indicators of animal fecal contamination in raw milk cheese industry

International or INRA internal reference Name as received Isolated from
ATCC 27672 B. animalis Rat feces
RA20 (Biavati) B. animalis Rabbit feces
Pigeon 1/2 B. thermophilum Pigeon feces
LC 458/3 B. thermophilum Raw milk
B 39/3 B. thermophilum Cow dung
LC 288/1 B. thermophilum Raw milk
LC 110/1 B. thermophilum Raw milk
T 585/1/2 B. thermophilum Raw milk
Pigeon 1/1 B. thermophilum Pigeon feces
T 528/4 B. thermophilum Raw milk
Pigeon 4/1 B. thermophilum Pigeon feces
Pigeon 4/3 B. thermophilum Pigeon feces
Internal 2 B. pseudolongum ** Unknown
RU 224 (Biavati) B. pseudolongum subsp. globosum Bovine rumen
Internal 3 B. pseudolongum ** Unknown
MB7 (Biavati) B. pseudolongum subsp. pseudolongum Pig feces
LC 287/2 B. pseudolongum ** Raw milk
LC 302/2 B. pseudolongum ** Raw milk
B 81/1 B. pseudolongum ** Cow dung
LC 290/1 B. pseudolongum ** Raw milk
Poule 1/2 B. pseudolongum ** Chicken feces
LC 147/2 B. pseudolongum ** Raw milk
LC 700/2 B. pseudolongum ** Raw milk
LC 686/1 B. pseudolongum ** Raw milk
LC 680/2 B. pseudolongum ** Raw milk
LC 617/2 B. pseudolongum ** Raw milk
RU 915 BT B. merycicum Bovine rumen
RU 687T B. ruminantium Bovine rumen
LC 396/4 B. minimum Raw milk
Internal 6 B. cuniculi Unknown
BS3 B. adolescentis Adult feces
CCUG 18363T B. adolescentis Adult feces
206 1a B. adolescentis Adult feces
503 1e B. adolescentis Elderly feces
1604 3a B. adolescentis Elderly feces
DSMZ 20082 B. bifidum Adult feces
BS 95 B. bifidum Adult feces
BS 119 B. bifidum Adult feces
NCFB 2257T B. breve Infant intestine
Butel 10 B. breve Infant feces
Butel 5 B. breve Infant feces
Butel 15 B. breve Infant feces
Crohn 16 B. breve Adult feces
CCUG 18367T B. dentium Dental caries
BS 16 B. dentium Adult feces
BS 39 B. dentium Adult feces
BS 72 B. dentium Adult feces
Crohn 24 B. dentium Adult feces
NCTC 11818T B. longum Adult feces
BS 101 B. longum Adult feces
DSMZ 20438T B. pseudocatenulatum Infant feces
B2b B. pseudocatenulatum Adult feces
C19i B. pseudocatenulatum Child feces
C20b B. pseudocatenulatum Child feces
C1c B. pseudocatenulatum Child feces
  1. *: Received from B. Biavati, Instituto di Microbiologia Agaria e Tecnica, Università degli Studi di Bologna, Bologna, Italy
  2. ATCC : American Type Culture Collection, Rockville, Maryland, USA ; CCUG : Culture Collection, University of Göteborg, Göteborg, Sweden; DSMZ : Deutsche Sammlung von Mikroorganismen und Zellkulturen GmbH, Göttingen, Germany ; NCTC : National Collection of Type Cultures, Central Public Health Laboratory, London; England); NCFB : National Collection of Food Bacteria, Shinfield, Reading, Berks, England