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Table 1 Genes with significant differential expression in three L. sakei strains grown on ribose compared with glucose, FDR adjusted p-value less than 0.01 and log2 of > 0.5 or < -0.5 (log2 values > 1.0 or < -1.0 are shown in bold).

From: Global transcriptome response in Lactobacillus sakei during growth on ribose

Gene locus Gene Description 23K MF1053 LS 25
Carbohydrate transport and metabolism
Transport/binding of carbohydrates
LSA0185* galP Galactose:cation symporter 1.2   1.7
LSA0200* rbsU Ribose transport protein 2.8 3.5 4.3
LSA0353* lsa0353 Putative cellobiose-specific PTS, enzyme IIB 3.6 1.3 2.5
LSA0449* manL Mannose-specific PTS, enzyme IIAB 2.1 2.5 1.5
LSA0450* manN Mannose-specific PTS, enzyme IIC 1.9 2.0 1.4
LSA0451* manM Mannose-specific PTS, enzyme IID 2.4 1.0 2.1
LSA0651* glpF Glycerol uptake facilitator protein, MIP family 3.4 4.7 3.4
LSA1050* fruA Fructose-specific PTS, enzyme IIABC    0.9
LSA1204* lsa1204 Putative sugar transporter   1.1  
LSA1457* lsa1457 Putative cellobiose-specific PTS, enzyme IIC   2.3  
LSA1462* ptsI PTS, enzyme I 0.8 1.7 0.9
LSA1463* ptsH Phosphocarrier protein HPr (histidine protein)   1.2 0.9
LSA1533 lsa1533 Putative cellobiose-specific PTS, enzyme IIA   2.5 2.1
LSA1690 lsa1690 Putative cellobiose-specific PTS, enzyme IIC 0.9   
LSA1792* scrA Sucrose-specific PTS, enzyme IIBCA 0.8   1.1
Metabolism of carbohydrates and related molecules
LSA0123* lsa0123 Putative sugar kinase, ROK family 1.2   
LSA0198 ack1 Acetate kinase (acetokinase) 1.7   1.3
LSA0254* lsa0254 Putative carbohydrate kinase 2.4 0.8 1.8
LSA0292* budC Acetoin reductase (acetoin dehydrogenase) (meso-2,3-butanediol dehydrogenase) 3.4 2.3 3.4
LSA0444 lsa0444 Putative malate dehydrogenase 3.4 D 2.1
LSA0516 hprK Hpr kinase/phosphorylase 2.0 1.6 1.2
LSA0664* loxL1N L-lactate oxidase (N-terminal fragment), degenerate 1.2   0.7
LSA0665* loxLI L-lactate oxidase (central fragment), degenerate 1.0   
LSA0666* loxL1C L-lactate oxidase (C-terminal fragment), degenerate 1.0   
LSA0974* pflB Formate C-acetyltransferase (pyruvate formate-lyase) (formate acetyltransferase) 4.0   
LSA0981 aldB Acetolactate decarboxylase (alpha-acetolactate decarboxylase)   0.6 1.9
LSA0982 als Acetolactate synthase (alpha-acetolactate synthase)    1.9
LSA0983 lsa0983 Putative aldose-1 epimerase 0.6   
LSA1032 pyk Pyruvate kinase   -0.7  
LSA1080 lsa1080 Myo-inositol monophosphatase 0.6   0.8
LSA1082 pdhD Pyruvate dehydrogenase complex, E3 component, dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase 2.8 2.5 2.1
LSA1083 pdhC Puruvate dehydrogenase complex, E2 component, dihydrolipoamide acetyltransferase 3.4 3.7 2.7
LSA1084 pdhB Pyruvate dehydrogenase complex, E1 component, beta subunit 3.2 3.3 2.2
LSA1085 pdhA Pyruvate dehydrogenase complex, E1 component, alpha subunit 2.9 3.5 2.4
LSA1141* ppdK Pyruvate phosphate dikinase 1.0   0.9
LSA1188* pox1 Pyruvate oxidase 2.3 3.1 2.1
LSA1298 ack2 Acetate kinase (acetokinase) 1.1 0.9 0.9
LSA1343* eutD Phosphate acetyltransferase (phosphotransacetylase) 2.0 1.0 1.6
LSA1381 lsa1381 Putative acylphosphatase -0.6 -0.5  
LSA1399* loxL2 L-lactate oxidase 3.4 U  
LSA1630 lsa1630 Putative sugar kinase, ROK family -0.6   -0.6
LSA1640* nanA N-acetylneuraminate lyase 2.0   D
LSA1641* nanE N-acylglucosamine/mannosamine-6-phosphate 2-epimerase 0.9   D
LSA1643* lsa1643 Putative sugar kinase, ROK family 1.8   
LSA1668 ack3 Acetate kinase (acetokinase) -0.7   -1.1
LSA1830* pox2 Pyruvate oxidase 0.7   
Intermediary metabolism
LSA0255* lsa0255 Putative phosphoribosyl isomerase 2.0 1.0 1.6
Specific carbohydrate metabolic pathway
LSA0201* rbsD D-ribose pyranase 2.5 2.5 3.4
LSA0202* rbsK Ribokinase 3.0 3.9 4.3
LSA0289* xpk Xylulose-5-phosphate phosphoketolase 3.2 2.3 2.6
LSA0297 gntZ 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase -1.2 -0.9 -1.7
LSA0298 gntK Gluconokinase -0.8   
LSA0381 zwf Glucose-6-phosphate 1-dehydrogenase -0.6 -0.6 -0.6
LSA0649* glpK Glycerol kinase 3.4 4.8 2.1
LSA0650* glpD Glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase 2.3 2.2 2.0
LSA0764* galK Galactokinase 1.1 0.7 1.8
LSA0765* galE1 UDP-glucose 4-epimerase    1.2
LSA0766* galT Galactose-1-phosphate uridylyltransferase 1.2 0.8 2.0
LSA0767* galM Aldose 1-epimerase (mutarotase) 1.3   2.0
LSA1146* manA Mannose-6-phosphate isomerase 1.4 1.3 1.5
LSA1531 lsa1531 Putative beta-glucosidase   0.7 0.9
LSA1588 nagA N-acetylglucosamine-6-phosphate deacetylase 0.6   
LSA1685 rpiA Ribose 5-phosphate epimerase (ribose 5-phosphate isomerase)   1.1 0.8
LSA1710* lacM Beta-galactosidase, small subunit (lactase, small subunit) 3.3   1.2
LSA1711* lacL Beta-galactosidase, large subunit (lactase, large subunit) 3.0 1.5 1.7
LSA1790* scrK Fructokinase   1.0 1.1
LSA1791* dexB Glucan 1,6-alpha-glucosidase (dextran glucosidase)    1.1
LSA1795 melA Alpha-galactosidase (melibiase)    -0.6
Glycolytic pathway
LSA0131 gpm2 Phosphoglycerate mutase   0.7  
LSA0206 gpm3 Phosphoglycerate mutase -0.7 -0.8 -0.9
LSA0609* gloAC Lactoylglutathione lyase (C-terminal fragment), authentic frameshift 1.1   0.7
LSA0803 gpm4 Phosphoglycerate mutase 0.5   0.5
LSA1033 pfk 6-phosphofructokinase -0.6 -1.1 -0.5
LSA1157 mgsA Methylglyoxal synthase 2.3 1.4 1.7
LSA1179 pgi Glucose-6-phosphate isomerase 0.5   
LSA1527 fba Fructose-bisphosphate aldolase -1.0 -0.7 -1.1
LSA1606 ldhL L-lactate dehydrogenase -1.0 -0.9 -1.5
Nucleotide transport and metabolism
Transport/binding of nucleosides, nucleotides, purines and pyrimidines
LSA0013 lsa0013 Putative nucleobase:cation symporter -0.9   -1.5
LSA0055 lsa0055 Putative thiamine/thiamine precursor:cation symporter    1.6
LSA0064 lsa0064 Putative nucleobase:cation symporter   -0.8  
LSA0259 lsa0259 Pyrimidine-specific nucleoside symporter 1.5   1.3
LSA0798* lsa0798 Pyrimidine-specific nucleoside symporter 3.5 2.2 1.7
LSA0799* lsa0799 Putative purine transport protein 4.4 2.7 2.9
LSA1210 lsa1210 Putative cytosine:cation symporter (C-terminal fragment), authentic frameshift -0.8   -0.6
LSA1211 lsa1211 Putative cytosine:cation symporter (N-terminal fragment), authentic frameshit -1.1   -0.9
Metabolism of nucleotides and nucleic acids
LSA0010 lsa0010 Putative nucleotide-binding phosphoesterase    -0.6
LSA0023 lsa0023 Putative ribonucleotide reductase (NrdI-like) -0.5 D D
LSA0063 purA Adenylosuccinate synthetase (IMP-aspartate ligase)   -0.8  
LSA0139 guaA Guanosine monophosphate synthase (glutamine amidotransferase)   -0.5 -0.8
LSA0252 iunH1 Inosine-uridine preferring nucleoside hydrolase 2.6 2.6 1.8
LSA0446 pyrDB Putative dihydroorotate oxidase, catalytic subunit    0.9
LSA0489 lsa0489 Putative metal-dependent phosphohydrolase precursor 0.5   
LSA0533* iunH2 Inosine-uridine preferring nucleoside hydrolase 1.2   
LSA0785 lsa0785 Putative NCAIR mutase, PurE-related protein -2.3   -1.3
LSA0795* deoC 2 Deoxyribose-5 phosphate aldolase 4.0 2.1 2.2
LSA0796* deoB Phosphopentomutase (phosphodeoxyribomutase) 5.5 4.1 3.2
LSA0797* deoD Purine-nucleoside phosphorylase 4.5 2.6 1.9
LSA0801* pdp Pyrimidine-nucleoside phosphorylase 1.8   
LSA0940 nrdF Ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase, beta chain   1.0 0.6
LSA0941 nrdE Ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase, alpha chain   1.0 0.6
LSA0942 nrdH Ribonucleotide reductase, NrdH-redoxin   1.1  
LSA0950 pyrR Bifunctional protein: uracil phosphoribosyltransferase and pyrimidine operon transcriptional regulator -0.6   
LSA0993 rnhB Ribonuclease HII (RNase HII)    0.6
LSA1018 cmk Cytidylate kinase    0.6
LSA1097 lsa1097 Putative ADP-ribose phosphorylase, NUDIX family 0.5   
LSA1352 lsa1352 Putative phosphomethylpyrimidine kinase -0.8   
LSA1651 lsa1651 Putative purine phosphoribosyltransferase, PRT family   0.8  
LSA1661 lsa1661 Putative nucleotide hydrolase, NUDIX family   -0.5  
LSA1805 dgk Deoxyguanosine kinase -1.0   -0.8
Transcription regulation
LSA0130 lsa0130 Putative transcriptional regulator, LacI family -0.6   
LSA0132 lsa0132 Putative transcriptional regulator, MarR family -0.6   
LSA0161 lsa0161 Putative transcriptional regulator, ArsR family -0.6   
LSA0186 lsa0186 Putative transcriptional regulator, LytR family   0.8 0.6
LSA0203 rbsR Ribose operon transcriptional regulator, LacI family 1.7   
LSA0217 lsa0217 Putative thiosulfate sulfurtransferase with a ArsR-HTH domain, rhodanese family   -1.0 -0.7
LSA0229 lsa0229 Putative transcriptional regulator, MerR family (N-terminal fragment), authentic frameshift -0.5   
LSA0269 lsa0269 Putative transcriptional regulator, TetR family    -0.6
LSA0293 lsa0293 Putative DNA-binding protein, XRE family    -0.6
LSA0356 rex1 Redox-sensing transcriptional repressor, Rex -0.8 -0.5 -0.9
LSA0603 cggR Glycolytic genes regulator   -0.6 -0.6
LSA0669 lsa0669 Putative transcription regulator, TetR family   -0.6  
LSA0783 lsa0783 Putative transcriptional regulator, Fnr/Crp Family -0.6   
LSA0800 deoR Deoxyribonucleoside synthesis operon transcriptional regulator, GntR family 3.8 2.1 1.9
LSA0835 lsa0835 Putative DNA-binding protein, XRE family -0.6   
LSA0848 rex Redox-sensing transcriptional repressor, Rex 1.6 0.7  
LSA0972 lsa0972 Putative transcriptional regulator, LysR family 0.9   
LSA1201 lsa1201 Putative transcriptional regulator, GntR family 1.4 D D
LSA1322 glnR Glutamine synthetase transcriptional regulator, MerR family -1.4 -1.3  
LSA1351 lsa1351 Putative transcritional regulator with aminotransferase domain, GntR family   -0.5 -0.6
LSA1434 lsa1434 Putative transcriptional regulator, DUF24 family (related to MarR/PadR families) -0.8   
LSA1449 spxA Transcriptional regulator Spx 1.0   0.6
LSA1521 lsa1521 Putative transcriptional regulator, TetR family 0.6   
LSA1554 lsa1554 Putative transcriptional regulator, LacI family -0.7 -0.9 -0.5
LSA1587 lsa1587 Putative transcriptional regulator, GntR family 0.6   
LSA1611 lsa1611 Putative DNA-binding protein, PemK family   -0.5 -0.7
LSA1653 lsa1653 Putative transcriptional regulator, MarR family    -0.6
LSA1692 lsa1692 Putative transcriptional regulator, GntR family 0.7   0.7
CoEnzyme transport and metabolism
Metabolism of coenzymes and prostethic groups
LSA0041 panE 2-dehydropantoate 2-reductase   0.8  
LSA0057 thiE Thiamine-phosphate pyrophosphorylase (thiamine-phosphate synthase)    1.9
LSA0058 thiD Phosphomethylpyrimidine kinase (HMP-phosphate kinase)    1.4
LSA0059 thiM Hydroxyethylthiazole kinase (4-methyl-5-beta-hydroxyethylthiazole kinase) 1.0   1.8
LSA0183 lsa0183 Putative hydrolase, isochorismatase/nicotamidase family -0.7   
LSA0840 lsa0840 Putative glutamate-cysteine ligase 0.6   
LSA0947 fhs Formate-tetrahydrofolate ligase (formyltetrahydrofolate synthetase) 0.6   
LSA0980 lsa0980 Putative hydroxymethylpyrimidine/phosphomethylpyrimidine kinase, PfkB family 0.6   
LSA1101 folK 2-amino-4-hydroxy-6-hydroxymethyldihydropteridine pyrophosphokinase 0.6 U  
LSA1614 acpS Holo-[acyl-carrier protein] synthase (holo-ACP synthase) (4'-phosphopantetheine transferase AcpS) -1.0 -0.9 -0.9
LSA1664 lsa1664 Putative dihydrofolate reductase 1.6 1.1 1.5
Energy production and conversion
Membrane bioenergetics (ATP synthase)
LSA1125 atpC H(+)-transporting two-sector ATPase (ATP synthase), epsilon subunit 0.6   
LSA1126 atpD H(+)-transporting two-sector ATPase (ATP synthase), beta subunit    0.6
LSA1127 atpG H(+)-transporting two-sector ATPase (ATP synthase), gamma subunit    0.8
LSA1128 atpA H(+)-transporting two-sector ATPase (ATP synthase), alpha subunit    0.6
LSA1129 atpH H(+)-transporting two-sector ATPase (ATP synthase), delta subunit    0.6
LSA1130 atpF H(+)-transporting two-sector ATPase (ATP synthase), B subunit    0.5
LSA1131 atpE H(+)-transporting two-sector ATPase (ATP synthase), C subunit    0.7
Inorganic ion transport and metabolism
Transport/binding of inorganic ions
LSA0029 lsa0029 Putative ion Mg(2+)/Co(2+) transport protein, hemolysinC-family    -0.7
LSA0134 lsa0134 Putative Na(+)/H(+) antiporter    -0.6
LSA0180 mtsC Manganese ABC transporter, ATP-binding subunit -0.8   
LSA0181 mtsB Manganese ABC transporter, membrane-spanning subunit -0.8   -1.0
LSA0182 mtsA Manganese ABC transporter, substrate-binding lipoprotein precursor -0.7   -0.6
LSA0246 mntH1 Mn(2+)/Fe(2+) transport protein -0.9   -1.3
LSA0283 lsa0283 Putative zinc/iron ABC transporter, ATP-binding subunit    -0.5
LSA0284 lsa0284 Putative zinc/iron ABC transporter, membrane-spanning subunit    -0.6
LSA0399 lsa0399 Iron(III)-compound ABC transporter, substrate-binding lipoprotein precursor 1.1 0.9  
LSA0400 lsa0400 Iron(III)-compound ABC transporter, ATP-binding subunit   0.7  
LSA0401 lsa0401 Iron(III)-compound ABC transporter, membrane-spanning subunit    0.5
LSA0402 lsa0402 Iron(III)-compound ABC transporter, membrane-spanning subunit 0.5   0.6
LSA0503 pstC Phosphate ABC transporter, membrane-spanning subunit 0.5   
LSA0504 pstA Phosphate ABC transporter, membrane-spanning subunit 0.6   
LSA0781 lsa0781 Putative cobalt ABC transporter, membrane-spanning/permease subunit -0.9   
LSA0782 lsa0782 Putative cobalt ABC transporter, membrane-spanning/permease subunit -2.1   
LSA1166 lsa1166 Putative potassium transport protein 0.7   
LSA1440 cutC Copper homeostasis protein, CutC family -0.6   
LSA1460 atkB Copper-transporting P-type ATPase 0.6   
LSA1638 lsa1638 Putative large conductance mechanosensitive channel   -1.0 -0.8
LSA1645 lsa1645 Putative Na(+)/(+) antiporter 1.4   D
LSA1699 mntH2 Mn(2+)/Fe(2+) transport protein    -0.6
LSA1703 lsa1703 Putative Na(+)/H(+) antiporter -1.2   
LSA1704 lsa1704 Putative calcium-transporting P-type ATPase    -0.8
LSA1735 lsa1735 Putative cobalt ABC transporter, membrane-spanning subunit    -0.6
LSA1736 lsa1736 Putative cobalt ABC transporter, ATP-binding subunit -0.6   
LSA1737 lsa1737 Putative cobalt ABC transporter, ATP-binding subunit -0.7   
LSA1838 lsa1838 Putative metal ion ABC transporter, membrane-spanning subunit    -0.5
LSA1839 lsa1839 Putative metal ion ABC transporter, substrate-binding lipoprotein precursor    -0.6
Amino acid transport and metabolism
Transport/binding of amino acids
LSA0125 lsa0125 Putative amino acid/polyamine transport protein 0.6   
LSA0189 lsa0189 Putative amino acid/polyamine transport protein    -0.7
LSA0311 lsa0311 Putative glutamate/aspartate:cation symporter -1.1   -1.0
LSA1037 lsa1037 Putative amino acid/polyamine transport protein 1.0 0.8 0.5
LSA1219 lsa1219 Putative cationic amino acid transport protein 0.7   
LSA1415 lsa1415 Putative amino acid/polyamine transport protein 1.1   0.7
LSA1424 lsa1424 Putative L-aspartate transport protein -1.4 -0.9 -1.2
LSA1435 lsa1435 Putative amino acid:H(+) symporter 1.0   0.8
LSA1496 lsa1496 Putative glutamine/glutamate ABC transporter, ATP-binding subunit   1.2  
LSA1497 lsa1497 Putative glutamine/glutamate ABC transporter, membrane-spanning/substrate-binding subunit precursor   0.7  
Transport/binding of proteins/peptides
LSA0702 oppA Oligopeptide ABC transporter, substrate-binding lipoprotein precursor   1.3 1.0
LSA0703 oppB Oligopeptide ABC transporter, membrane-spanning subunit   0.8 0.8
LSA0704 oppC Oligopeptide ABC transporter, membrane-spanning subunit   1.8 1.0
LSA0705 oppD Oligopeptide ABC transporter, ATP-binding subunit   1.2 1.1
LSA0706 oppF Oligopeptide ABC transporter, ATP-binding subunit   1.2 1.2
Protein fate
LSA0053 pepO Endopeptidase O 0.6   
LSA0133 pepR Prolyl aminopeptidase 1.5   
LSA0226 pepN Aminopeptidase N (lysyl-aminopeptidase-alanyl aminopeptidase)    -0.7
LSA0285 pepF1 Oligoendopeptidase F1    -0.7
LSA0320 pepD3 Dipeptidase D-type (U34 family)   -0.8 -0.5
LSA0424 pepV Xaa-His dipeptidase V (carnosinase) 1.6   
LSA0643 pepX X-Prolyl dipeptidyl-aminopeptidase 0.6   
LSA0888 pepT Tripeptide aminopeptidase T 0.6   
LSA1522 pepS Aminopeptidase S 0.5   
LSA1686 pepC1N Cysteine aminopeptidase C1 (bleomycin hydrolase) (N-terminal fragment), authentic frameshift   1.6  
LSA1688 pepC2 Cysteine aminopeptidase C2 (bleomycin hydrolase)   0.7  
LSA1689 lsa1689 Putative peptidase M20 family 1.0   1.1
Metabolism of amino acids and related molecules
LSA0220_c dapE Succinyl-diaminopimelate desuccinylase -1.4   -1.5
LSA0316 sdhB L-serine dehydratase, beta subunit (L-serine deaminase) -0.7   
LSA0370* arcA Arginine deiminase (arginine dihydrolase) 1.9   
LSA0372* arcC Carbamate kinase 0.5   
LSA0463 lsa0463 Putative 2-hydroxyacid dehydrogenase -0.7   
LSA0509 kbl 2-amino-3-ketobutyrate coenzyme A ligase (glycine acetyltransferase) 1.5   
LSA0510 lsa0510 L-threonine dehydrogenase (N-terminal fragment), authentic frameshift 2.0 0.5  
LSA0572* tdcB Threonine deaminase (threonine ammonia-lyase, threonine dehydratase, IlvA homolog) 2.2   1.7
LSA0922 serA D-3-phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase 0.9   
LSA1134 glyA Glycine/Serine hydroxymethyltransferase   0.7  
LSA1321 glnA Glutamate-ammonia ligase (glutamine synthetase) -1.3 -1.0  
LSA1484 mvaS Hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA synthase -0.7 -0.6 -0.7
LSA1693 asnA2 L-asparaginase 0.8   
Lipid transport and metabolism
Metabolism of lipids
LSA0045 cfa Cyclopropane-fatty-acyl-phospholipid synthase -1.3 -1.4 -1.4
LSA0644 lsa0644 Putative acyl-CoA thioester hydrolase 0.6   
LSA0812 fabZ1 (3R)-hydroxymyristoyl-[acyl-carrier protein] dehydratase   -0.7 0.5
LSA0813 fabH 3-oxoacyl-[acyl carrier protein] synthetase III    0.6
LSA0814 acpP Acyl carrier protein    0.6
LSA0815 fabD Malonyl-CoA:ACP transacylase   -0.7 0.7
LSA0816 fabG 3-oxoacyl-acyl carrier protein reductase   -0.7  
LSA0817 fabF 3-oxoacyl-[acyl carrier protein] synthetase II   -0.7  
LSA0819 fabZ (3R)-hydroxymyristoyl-[acyl carrier proetin] dehydratase    0.7
LSA0820 accC Acetyl-CoA carboxylase (biotin carbooxylase subunit)   -0.7  
LSA0821 accD Acetyl-CoA carboxylase (carboxyl transferase beta subunit)    0.8
LSA0822 accA Acetyl-CoA carboxylase (carboxyl transferase alpha subunit)    0.6
LSA0823 fabI Enoyl [acyl carrier protein] reductase    0.9
LSA0891 lsa0891 Putative lipase/esterase 1.2   
LSA1485 mvaA Hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA reductase -0.5   
LSA1493 lsa1493 Putative diacylglycerol kinase -0.6 -0.9 -0.7
LSA1652 ipk 4-diphosphocytidyl-2-C-methyl-D-erythritol kinase -0.6   -0.7
Secondary metabolites transport and metabolism
Transport/binding proteins and lipoproteins
LSA0046 lsa0046 Putative transport protein -1.0 -0.6 -1.3
LSA0089 lsa0089 Putative drug transport protein -2.1 -0.9 -0.8
LSA0094 lsa0094 Putative transport protein, Major Facilitator Super (MFS) family transporter -0.7   -0.7
LSA0095 lsa0095 Putative transport protein 1.3 0.5  
LSA0128 lsa0128 Putative antimicrobial peptide ABC exporter, membrane-spanning/permease subunit    -0.5
LSA0187 lsa0187 Putative drug-resistance ABC transporter, two ATP-binding subunits   0.7  
LSA0219_b lsa0219_b Putative cyanate transport protein -0.6   
LSA0232 lmrA Multidrug ABC exporter, ATP-binding and membrane-spanning/permease subunits -0.7   -0.7
LSA0270 lsa0270 Putative multidrug ABC exporter, membrane-spanning/permease subunit -0.7   
LSA0271 lsa0271 Putative multidrug ABC exporter, ATP-binding subunit -0.7   -0.6
LSA0272 lsa0272 Putative multidrug ABC exporter, ATP-binding and membrane-spanning/permease subunits -0.6   -0.6
LSA0308 lsa0308 Putative drug:H(+) antiporter    -0.7
LSA0376 lsa0376 Putative transport protein 0.7   
LSA0420 lsa0420 Putative drug:H(+) antiporter (N-terminal fragment), authentic frameshift -0.8   -1.1
LSA0469 lsa0469 Putative drug:H(+) antiporter -0.6   -0.5
LSA0788 lsa0788 Putative facilitator protein, MIP family -2.6   
LSA0936 lsa0936 Putative drug ABC exporter, membrane-spanning/permease subunit 1.1   
LSA0937 lsa0937 Putative drug ABC exporter, membrane-spanning/permease subunit 1.3   
LSA0938 lsa0938 Putative drug ABC exporter, ATP-binding subunit 1.2   
LSA0963 lsa0963 Integral membrane protein, hemolysin III related    
LSA1088 lsa1088 Putative multidrug ABC exporter, ATP-binding and membrane-spanning/permease subunits 0.5   
LSA1261 lsa1261 Putative autotransport protein 0.5   
LSA1340 lsa1340 Putative transport protein   -0.7  
LSA1366 lsa1366 Putative ABC exporter, ATP-binding subunit -0.8   -1.0
LSA1367 lsa1367 Putative ABC exporter, membrane-spanning/permease subunit -0.8 -0.5 -0.8
LSA1420 lsa1417 Putative lipase/esterase   -1.1  
LSA1621 lsa1621 Putative drug:H(+) antiporter   -1.1  
LSA1642 lsa1642 Putative Solute:Na(+) symporter 3.4 1.8 D
LSA1872 lsa1872 Putative drug:H(+) antiporter   0.7  
LSA1878 lsa1878 Putative drug resistance ABC transporter, two ATP-binding subunits -0.6   
LSA0772 lsa0772 Hypothetical protein (TelA, telluric resistance family) 1.0   0.7
LSA1317 lsa1317 Putative chromate reductase 0.6 -0.7  
LSA1450 lsa1450 Putative metal-dependent hydrolase (beta-lactamase family III)    0.6
LSA1776 lsa1776 Putative 4-carboxymuconolactone decarboxylase 0.6   D
Translation, ribosomal structure and biogenesis
Translation initiation
LSA1135 lsa1135 Putative translation factor, Sua5 family   0.7 0.6
Translation elongation
LSA0251 efp1 Elongation factor P (EF-P) 0.5   
LSA1063 tuf Elongation factor Tu (EF-Tu) 0.6   
Ribosomal proteins
LSA0011 rplI 50S Ribosomal protein L9    -0.8
LSA0266 rpsN 30S ribosomal protein S14   0.7 -0.5
LSA0494 lsa0494 30S ribosomal interface protein S30EA 1.7   
LSA0696 rpmB 50S ribosomal protein L28    0.8
LSA1017 rpsA 30S Ribosomal protein S1 0.9   0.6
LSA1333 rpmG 50S ribosomal protein L33    0.6
LSA1666 rplL 50S ribosomal protein L7/L12 -0.6   
LSA1676 rpmG2 50S ribosomal protein L33    -0.6
LSA1750 rplF 50S ribosomal protein L6   0.6  
LSA1755 rpsQ 30S ribosomal protein S17   0.5  
LSA1761 rplB 50S ribosomal protein L2   0.6  
LSA1765 rpsJ 30S ribosomal protein S10 -0.7   
Protein synthesis
LSA0377 tgt Queuine tRNA-ribosyltransferase -0.6   
LSA1546 gatB Glutamyl-tRNA amidotransferase, subunit B   -0.5  
LSA1547 gatA Glutamyl-tRNA amidotransferase, subunit A -0.5   -0.5
RNA restriction and modification
LSA0437 lsa0437 Hypothetical protein with an RNA-binding domain -0.7   
LSA0443 lsa0443 Putative single-stranded mRNA endoribonuclease 2.7   1.9
LSA0738 dtd D-tyrosyl-tRNA(tyr) deacylase 0.5   
LSA0794 trmU tRNA (5-methylaminomethyl-2-thiouridylate)-methyltransferase   -0.9  
LSA1534 lsa1534 Putative ATP-dependent RNA helicase   0.9  
LSA1615 lsa1615 Putative ATP-dependent RNA helicase -0.7 -0.8 -1.0
LSA1723 truA tRNA pseudouridylate synthase A (pseudouridylate synthase I) -0.7   -0.6
LSA1880 trmE tRNA modification GTPase trmE -0.7   
Aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases
LSA0880 glyQ Glycyl-tRNA synthetase, alpha subunit   0.7  
LSA0881 glyS Glycyl-tRNA synthetase, beta subunit   0.7  
LSA1400 thrS Threonyl-tRNA synthetase 0.6   
LSA1681 cysS Cysteinyl-tRNA synthetase -0.6   
DNA replication, recombination and repair
DNA replication
LSA0221 lsa0221 Putative transcriptional regulator, LysR family (C-terminal fragment), degenerate -0.8 -0.9 -1.1
LSA0976 parE Topoisomerase IV, subunit B   0.5  
Transposon and IS
LSA1152_a tnpA3-ISLsa1 Transposase of ISLsa1 (IS30 family) -0.6   
Phage-related function
LSA1292 lsa1292 Putative prophage protein 0.6   
LSA1788 lsa1788 Putative phage-related 1,4-beta-N-acetyl muramidase (cell wall hydrolase) -1.0 D D
DNA recombination and repair
LSA0076 lsa0076 Putative DNA invertase (plasmidic resolvase) -1.1 -1.5 -1.4
LSA0366 ruvA Holliday junction DNA helicase RuvA    -0.5
LSA0382 dinP DNA-damage-inducible protein P -0.5   
LSA0487 recA DNA recombinase A -0.8   -1.1
LSA0523 uvrB Excinuclease ABC, subunit B -0.7   -0.5
LSA0524 uvrA1 Excinuclease ABC, subunit A -1.2   -0.7
LSA0910 rexAN ATP-dependent exonuclease, subunit A (N-terminal fragment), authentic frameshift 0.6   
LSA0911 rexAC ATP-dependent exonuclease, subunit A (C-terminal fragment), authentic frameshift 0.7   
LSA0912 lsa0912 Putative ATP-dependent helicase, DinG family 0.6   0.8
LSA1162 lsa1162 DNA-repair protein (SOS response UmuC-like protein)   0.8 -0.6
LSA1405 fpg Formamidopyrimidine-DNA glycosylase -0.5 -0.6 -0.6
LSA1477 recX Putative regulatory protein, RecX family -0.6   
LSA1843 ogt Methylated-DNA-protein-cysteine S-methyltransferase -0.6   
DNA restriction and modification
LSA0143 lsa0143 Putative adenine-specific DNA methyltransferase -0.7 D D
LSA0921 lsa0921 Putative adenine-specific DNA methyltransferase 0.8   
LSA1299 lsa1299 Putative adenine-specific DNA methyltransferase 0.9 0.7 1.2
Information pathways
LSA0326 lsa0326 Putative DNA helicase   -0.6 U
DNA packaging and segregation
LSA0135 lsa0135 Hypothetical integral membrane protein, similar to CcrB    -0.6
LSA1015 hbsU Histone-like DNA-binding protein HU 1.0   0.9
Cell division and chromosome partitioning
Cell division
LSA0755 divIVA Cell-division initiation protein (septum placement)    0.5
LSA0845 lsa0845 Putative negative regulator of septum ring formation 0.7   0.6
LSA1118 lsa1118 Rod-shape determining protein   0.6 0.5
LSA1597 ftsH ATP-dependent zinc metalloendopeptidase FtsH (cell division protein FtsH)    -0.6
LSA1879 gidA Cell division protein GidA -0.6   
Cell envelope biogenesis, outer membrane
Cell wall
LSA0280 murE UDP-N-acetylmuramoylalanyl-D-glutamate-2,6-diaminopimelate ligase -0.6 -0.6 -0.7
LSA0621 pbp2A Bifunctional glycolsyltransferase/transpeptidase penicillin binding protein 2A    0.7
LSA0648 lsa0648 Putative penicillin-binding protein precursor (beta-lactamase class C)    1.0
LSA0862 lsa0862 N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanine amidase precursor (cell wall hydrolase) (autolysin) 0.6   0.8
LSA0917 pbp1A Bifunctional glycosyltransferase/transpeptidase penicillin-binding protein 1A    0.5
LSA1123 murA1 UDP-N-acetylglucosamine 1-carboxyvinyltransferase I   -0.5  
LSA1334 pbp2B2 Bifuntional dimerisation/transpeptidase penicillin-binding protein 2B   0.7 0.7
LSA1437 lsa1437 N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanine amidase precursor (cell wall hydrolase) (autolysin)   -0.7  
LSA1441 bacA Putative undecaprenol kinase (bacitracine resistance protein A)   0.6  
LSA1613 alr Alanine racemase -0.8 -0.9 -0.7
LSA1616 murF UDP-N-acetylmuramoyl-tripeptide--D-alanyl-D-alanine ligase    -0.5
Cell envelope and cellular processes   
LSA0162 lsa0162 Putative Bifunctional glycosyl transferase, family 8   -1.2 -1.5
LSA1246 lsa1246 Putative glycosyl transferase, family 2   -0.9  
LSA1558 lsa1558 Putative extracellular N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanine amidase precursor (cell wall hydrolase/Lysosyme subfamily 2)    -0.6
Cell motility and secretion
Protein secretion
LSA0948 lspA Signal peptidase II (lipoprotein signal peptidase) (prolipoprotein signal peptidase)    0.5
LSA1884 oxaA2 Membrane protein chaperone oxaA    -0.6
Signal transduction
Signal transduction
LSA0561 sppKN Two-component system, sensor histidine kinase, (SppK fragment), degenerate   0.5  
LSA0692 lsa0692 Putative serine/threonine protein kinase   0.5 0.6
LSA1384 lsa1384 Two-component system, response regulator   0.5  
Post translational modifications, protein turnover, chaperones
Protein folding
LSA0050 lsa0050 Putative molecular chaperone, small heat shock protein, Hsp20 family    -0.7
LSA0082 htrA Serine protease HtrA precursor, trypsin family   -0.6  
LSA0207 clpL ATPase/chaperone ClpL, putative specificity factor for ClpP protease 0.6   
LSA0358 groS Co-chaperonin GroES (10 kD chaperonin) (protein Cpn10)    -0.5
LSA0359 groEL Chaperonin GroEL (60 kDa chaperonin) (protein Cpn60)    -0.5
LSA0436 lsa0436 Putative peptidylprolyl isomerase (peptidylprolyl cis-trans isomerase) (PPIase)    -0.6
LSA0984 hslU ATP-dependent Hsl protease, ATP-binding subunit HslU 0.7   0.7
LSA1465 clpE ATPase/chaperone ClpE, putative specificity factor for ClpP protease -0.7 -0.6 -0.6
LSA1618 htpX Membrane metalloprotease, HtpX homolog   0.8  
Adaption to atypical conditions
LSA0170 lsa0170 Putative general stress protein 0.5   -1.5
LSA0247 usp2 Similar to universal stress protein, UspA family    -0.5
LSA0264 lsa0264 Putative glycine/betaine/carnitine/choline transport protein -0.6   -0.6
LSA0513 lsa0513 Putative stress-responsive transcriptional regulator   -0.8  
LSA0552 lsa0552 Organic hydroperoxide resistance protein   0.6  
LSA0616 lsa0616 Putative glycine/betaine/carnitine/choline ABC transporter, ATP-binding subunit 0.9   
LSA0617 lsa0617 Putative glycine/betaine/carnitine/choline ABC transporter, membrane-spanning subunit 1.3   
LSA0618 lsa0618 Putative glycine/betaine/carnitine/choline ABC transporter, substrate-binding lipoprotein 0.6   
LSA0619 lsa0619 Putative glycine/betaine/carnitine/choline ABC transporter, membrane-spanning subunit 1.5 0.5  
LSA0642 usp3 Similar to universal stress protein, UspA 0.9   
LSA0768 csp1 Similar to cold shock protein, CspA family 2.1 0.6 1.8
LSA0836 usp6 Similar to universal stress protein, UspA family 0.6   
LSA0946 csp4 Similar to cold shock protein, CspA family 0.6   
LSA1110 lsa1110 Putative NifU-homolog involved in Fe-S cluster assembly   0.6  
LSA1111 lsa1111 Putative cysteine desulfurase (class-V aminotransferase, putative SufS protein homologue)   0.7  
LSA1173 usp4 Similar to universal stress protein, UspA family 1.5 -2.1  
LSA1694 lsa1694 Putative glycine/betaine/carnitine ABC transporter, substrate binding lipoprotein precursor -1.7   -1.1
LSA1695 lsa1695 Putative glycine/betaine/carnitine ABC transporter, membrane-spanning subunit -2.1 -2.0 -1.9
LSA1696 lsa1696 Putative glycine/betaine/carnitine ABC transporter, ATP-binding subunit -1.6   -0.9
LSA1870 lsa1870 Putative glycine betaine/carnitine/choline ABC transporter, ATP-binding subunit -0.6   -0.6
Protein modification
LSA0865 lsa0865 Putative protein methionine sulfoxide reductase   -0.6  
LSA0866 msrA Protein methionine sulfoxide reductase   -0.7  
LSA0934 lplA Lipoate-protein ligase 1.6 1.4 1.0
LSA0973 pflA Pyruvate formate-lyase activating enzyme 1.7   
General function prediction only
LSA0030 lsa0030 Putative aldo/keto reductase (oxidoreductase)   -0.7 -0.8
LSA0120 lsa0120 Putative GTP-binding protein -0.5   
LSA0164 lsa0164 Putative serine/tyrosine protein phosphatase 0.2 -1.1 -1.2
LSA0165 lsa0165 Putative oxidoreductase, short chain dehydrogenase/reductase family   -0.9 -1.2
LSA0218 trxA1 Thioredoxin   -0.9  
LSA0258 lsa0258 Putative iron-containing alcohol dehydrogenase 1.6 0.5 1.6
LSA0260 lsa0260 Putative aldo/keto reductase (oxidoreductase) 1.9 1.2 1.7
LSA0312 lsa0312 Putative NADH oxidase -0.9   -1.0
LSA0324 lsa0324 Putative hydrolase, haloacid dehalogenase family (N-terminal fragment), authentic frameshift 1.9   
LSA0325 lsa0325 Putative hydrolase, haloacid dehalogenase family (C-terminal fragment), authentic frameshift 1.8   
LSA0350 lsa0350 Putative N-acetyltransferase, GNAT family -0.5   
LSA0369 lsa0369 Putative N-acetyltransferase, GNAT family -0.5   -0.5
LSA0384 lsa0384 Putative phosphoesterase, DHH family -0.5   
LSA0403 lsa0403 Putative thioredoxin reductase   0.9  
LSA0447 lsa0447 Putative hydrolase, haloacid dehalogenase family    0.6
LSA0475 lsa0475 Putative N-acetyltransferase, GNAT family   -0.6  
LSA0520 trxB2 Thioredoxin reductase -0.8   
LSA0575 npr NADH peroxidase 1.0 U  
LSA0802 nox NADH oxidase 1.5   
LSA0806 lsa0806 Putative N-acetyltransferase, GNAT family 0.6   
LSA0831 lsa0831 Putative nitroreductase (oxidoreductase)   1.6  
LSA0896 sodA Iron/Manganese superoxide dismutase 3.4 1.7 1.7
LSA0925 adh Putative zinc-containg alcohol dehydrogenase (oxidoreductase) 0.5   
LSA0971 ppa Inorganic pyrophosphatase (pyrophosphate phosphohydrolase) 0.7   
LSA0994 lsa0994 Putative GTP-binding protein    0.6
LSA1016 engA Putative GTP-binding protein 0.6   0.7
LSA1045 obgE Putative GTP-binding protein 0.6   
LSA1153 lsa1153 Hypothetical protein, CAAX protease family 0.5   
LSA1311 lsa1311 Hypothetical protein containing a possible heme/steroid binding domain 0.7 -0.6  
LSA1320 lsa1320 Putative NADPH-quinone oxidoreductase   -0.8  
LSA1345 lsa1345 Putative hydrolase, haloacid dehalogenase family 0.5   
LSA1349 lsa1349 Putative N-acetyltransferase, GNAT family   -0.5  
LSA1365 lsa1365 Hypothetical protein   -0.5 -0.7
LSA1368 lsa1368 Hypothetical protein 0.9   0.6
LSA1371 lsa1371 Hypothetical membrane protein 0.6   
LSA1395 lsa1395 Putative zinc-containing alcohol dehydrogenase (oxidoreductase) 0.9   
LSA1427 lsa1427 Putative hydrolase, haloacid dehalogenase 1.3   0.6
LSA1472 lsa1472 Putative N-acetyl transferase, GNAT family 0.6   
LSA1535 lsa1535 Putative oxidoreductase 0.5 1.1 0.7
LSA1553 lsa1553 Putative hydrolase, haloacid dehalogenase family -0.6   
LSA1559 lsa1559 Putative oxidoreductase 0.6 1.1 0.7
LSA1702 lsa1702 Putative zinc-containing alcohol dehydrogenase (oxidoreductase) 1.1   
LSA1712 lsa1712 Putative nitroreductase (oxidoreductase)   -0.7 -0.8
LSA1832 lsa1832 Putative zinc-containing alcohol dehydrogenase (oxidoreductase)   1.0  
LSA1835 lsa1835 Putative zinc-containing alcohol dehydrogenase (oxidoreductase) -0.7   -1.0
LSA1867 lsa1867 Putative acetyltransferase, isoleucine patch superfamily -0.5 -0.6 -0.7
LSA1871 gshR Glutathione reductase -0.6   
Proteins of unknown function that are similar to other proteins
LSA0018 lsa0018 Hypothetical protein   0.5  
LSA0027 lsa0027 Hypothetical protein    -1.1
LSA0028 lsa0028 Hypothetical protein, DegV family -0.5   
LSA0044 lsa0044 Hypothetical protein    -0.7
LSA0061 lsa0061 Hypothetical extracellular protein precursor -0.5   
LSA0106 lsa0106 Hypothetical cell surface protein precursor 0.5   
LSA0160 lsa0160 Hypothetical protein -0.7   
LSA0166 lsa0166 Hypothetical Integral membrane protein    -1.2
LSA0190 lsa0190 Hypothetical integral membrane protein -0.7   -0.6
LSA0191 lsa0191 Hypothetical integral membrane protein -0.6   -0.6
LSA0199 lsa0199 Hypothetical protein 1.1 1.0 1.1
LSA0208 lsa0208 Hypothetical integral membrane protein 0.7   
LSA0235 lsa0235 Hypothetical extracellular protein precursor 2.1 1.6 1.7
LSA0236 lsa0236 Hypothetical extracellular peptide precursor 2.0 1.3 1.5
LSA0244 lsa0244 Hypothetical integral membrane protein    -0.5
LSA0245 lsa0245 Hypothetical lipoprotein precursor -0.9 -1.0 -1.1
LSA0249 lsa0249 Hypothetical protein 1.1 1.0  
LSA0263 lsa0263 Hypothetical integral membrane protein -0.6   -0.9
LSA0300 lsa0300 Hypothetical protein    0.7
LSA0315 lsa0315 Hypothetical protein -0.7   
LSA0319 lsa0319 Hypothetical protein   -0.8 -0.8
LSA0323 lsa0323 Hypothetical protein    -0.5
LSA0337 lsa0337 Hypothetical protein -0.7   
LSA0348 lsa0348 Hypothetical integral membrane protein -0.9   -0.7
LSA0352 lsa0352 Hypothetical integral membrane protein -0.6   
LSA0354 lsa0354 Hypothetical integral membrane protein    -1.1
LSA0388 lsa0388 Hypothetical protein   -0.6  
LSA0389 lsa0389 Hypothetical protein   -0.7 -0.7
LSA0390 lsa0390 Hypothetical protein   -0.5  
LSA0409 lsa0409 Hypothetical integral membrane protein    -0.8
LSA0418 lsa0418 Hypothetical protein    -0.8
LSA0464 lsa0464 Hypothetical protein   -0.6  
LSA0470 lsa0470 Hypothetical protein 0.9   0.7
LSA0512 lsa0512 Hypothetical protein   -0.6  
LSA0515 lsa0515 Hypothetical integral membrane protein   -0.5  
LSA0536 lsa0536 Hypothetical protein   0.7  
LSA0716 lsa0716 Hypothetical protein    0.6
LSA0752 lsa0752 Hypothetical protein 0.5   0.6
LSA0757 lsa0757 Hypothetical protein   0.8  
LSA0773 lsa0773 Hypothetical protein 0.9   0.6
LSA0784 lsa0784 Hypothetical protein -2.6   
LSA0786 lsa0786 Hypothetical protein -2.0   
LSA0787 lsa0787 Hypothetical protein -1.7   
LSA0790 lsa0790 Hypothetical protein, ATP utilizing enzyme PP-loop family -2.5   
LSA0827 lsa0827 Hypothetical lipoprotein precursor 0.8   U
LSA0828 lsa0828 Hypothetical protein 0.7   
LSA0829 lsa0829 Hypothetical integral membrane protein    0.5
LSA0874 lsa0874 Hypothetical protein 0.5   
LSA0901 lsa0901 Hypothetical protein    0.5
LSA0913 lsa0913 Hypothetical extracellular protein precursor 0.5   0.7
LSA0919 lsa0919 Hypothetical protein    0.7
LSA0933 lsa0933 Hypothetical protein 0.6   0.6
LSA0961 lsa0961 Hypothetical protein, DegV family   -0.5  
LSA0968 lsa0968 Hypothetical integral membrane protein 0.7   
LSA0977 lsa0977 Hypothetical integral membrane protein 0.7   0.8
LSA0987 lsa0987 Hypotehtical protein, GidA family (C-terminal fragment) 0.5   
LSA0996 lsa0996 Hypothetical protein    0.5
LSA1003 lsa1003 Hypothetical protein 2.0   1.2
LSA1005 lsa1005 Hypothetical membrane protein 0.9 0.6 0.7
LSA1008 lsa1008 Putative extracellular chitin-binding protein precursor   0.9 1.2
LSA1027 lsa1027 Hypothetical protein    0.6
LSA1047 lsa1047 Hypothetical protein 3.5 1.2 1.3
LSA1064 lsa1064 Hypothetical protein 0.5   0.7
LSA1075 lsa1075 Hypothetical protein    0.5
LSA1078 lsa1078 Hypothetical protein    0.6
LSA1081 lsa1081 Hypothetical protein 1.0   1.0
LSA1091 lsa1091 Hypothetical protein    0.6
LSA1096 lsa1096 Hypothetical protein 0.6   
LSA1124 lsa1124 Hypothetical protein   -0.7  
LSA1154 lsa1154 Hypothetical protein 0.6   0.6
LSA1158 lsa1158 Hypothetical protein 1.7 1.4  
LSA1189 lsa1189 Hypothetical integral membrane protein -1.6   -1.1
LSA1282 lsa1282 Hypothetical protein   -0.5  
LSA1296 lsa1296 Hypothetical integral membrane protein   -1.2 -0.8
LSA1342 lsa1342 Hypothetical protein   -0.7  
LSA1346 lsa1346 Hypothetical protein 0.8   
LSA1350 lsa1350 Hypothetical protein   -0.6 -1.0
LSA1353 lsa1353 Hypothetical integral membrane protein -0.9 -0.5  
LSA1446 lsa1446 Hypothetical protein -0.6 -0.6 -0.7
LSA1466 lsa1466 Hypothetical protein 0.6   
LSA1467 lsa1467 Hypothetical protein   -0.6 -1.1
LSA1524 lsa1524 Hypothetical protein 0.7   
LSA1540 lsa1540 Hypothetical extracellular protein precursor 0.7   
LSA1563 lsa1563 Hypothetical integral membrane protein   -0.6 -0.6
LSA1610 lsa1610 Hypothetical integral membrane protein -0.7   -0.9
LSA1617 lsa1617 Hypothetical protein    -0.7
LSA1620 lsa1620 Hypothetical protein    -0.6
LSA1623 lsa1623 Hypothetical integral membrane protein -0.5   -0.6
LSA1637 lsa1637 Hypothetical integral membrane protein, TerC family -1.7 -1.0 -1.6
LSA1644 lsa1644 Hypothetical protein 1.7   D
LSA1649 lsa1649 Hypothetical extracellular protein precursor    -0.5
LSA1659 lsa1659 Hypothetical protein -0.5   
LSA1662 lsa1662 Hypothetical protein -1.0 -0.6 -0.7
LSA1663 lsa1663 Hypothetical protein -0.8   
LSA1678 lsa1678 Hypothetical protein -0.6   
LSA1680 lsa1680 Hypothetical protein -0.6   
LSA1716 lsa1716 Hypothetical protein   -0.5  
LSA1822 lsa1822 Hypothetical protein    -0.5
LSA1828 lsa1828 Hypothetical integral membrane protein 0.6 0.7  
LSA1850 lsa1850 Hypothetical protein   -0.6  
LSA1876 lsa1876 Hypothetical integral membrane protein    -0.6
LSA1877 lsa1877 Hypothetical protein    -0.6
Proteins of unknown function only similar to other proteins from the same organism
LSA1159 lsa1159 Hypothetical cell surface protein precursor 2.0   0.5
LSA1165 lsa1165 Hypothetical cell surface protein precursor 1.8   
LSA1700 lsa1700 Hypothetical protein 2.1 0.8  
LSA1814 lsa1814 Hypothetical protein    -0.5
Proteins of unknown function. without similarity to other proteins
LSA0065 lsa0065 Hypothetical integral membrane protein -0.5   
LSA0093 lsa0093 Hypothetical integral membrane protein -0.9   -1.2
LSA0121 lsa0121 Hypothetical small peptide -0.7 -0.6 -0.5
LSA0163 lsa0163 Hypothetical protein   -1.1 -1.3
LSA0167 lsa0167 Hypothetical protein    -1.4
LSA0168 lsa0168 Hypothetical protein    -1.4
LSA0188 lsa0188 Hypothetical small peptide    -0.8
LSA0256_a lsa0256_a Hypothetical protein 2.3 1.0 2.2
LSA0257 lsa0257 Hypothetical protein 1.4   
LSA0281 lsa0281 Hypothetical lipoprotein precursor   -0.5 -0.6
LSA0301 lsa0301 Hypothetical protein    0.6
LSA0334 lsa0334 Hypothetical extracellular protein precursor 1.1   
LSA0339 lsa0339 Hypothetical protein -0.5   
LSA0378 lsa0378 Hypothetical protein -0.7   
LSA0514 lsa0514 Hypothetical small extracellular protein precursor   -0.8  
LSA0534 lsa0534 Hypothetical cell surface protein precursor (with LPQTG sorting signal) 1.0   D
LSA0576 lsa0576 Hypothetical protein 0.5 D  
LSA0641 lsa0641 Hypothetical extracellular peptide precursor   -0.5  
LSA0647 lsa0647 Hypothetical extracellular protein precursor 0.6   
LSA0667 lsa0667 Hypothetical protein 1.0   0.9
LSA0753 lsa0753 Hypothetical integral membrane protein    0.5
LSA0789 lsa0789 Hypothetical protein -1.9   
LSA0837 lsa0837 Hypothetical protein 1.2 1.3 1.4
LSA0885 lsa0885 Hypothetical protein 1.8   
LSA0902 lsa0902 Hypothetical protein 0.7 D  
LSA0945 lsa0945 Hypothetical protein    0.9
LSA1019 lsa1019 Hypothetical cell surface protein precursor    0.8
LSA1035 lsa1035 Hypothetical small integral membrane protein    0.6
LSA1086 lsa1086 hypothetical protein 0.8   0.5
LSA1104 lsa1104 Hypothetical protein -0.5   
LSA1155 lsa1155 Hypothetical integral membrane protein 0.5   
LSA1174 lsa1174 Hypothetical protein 1.0   
LSA1176 lsa1176 Hypothetical protein   -1.0 U
LSA1319 lsa1319 Hypothetical small protein   -0.8  
LSA1408 lsa1408 Hypothetical protein    0.6
LSA1464 lsa1464 Hypothetical protein -0.6   
LSA1478 lsa1478 Hypothetical protein -0.7 -0.6 -0.6
LSA1480 lsa1480 Hypothetical membrane protein 0.5 D  
LSA1524 lsa1524 Hypothetical protein 0.8   
LSA1539 lsa1539 Hypothetical protein 0.9   
LSA1713 lsa1713 Hypothtical small peptide    -0.6
LSA1787 lsa1787 Hypothetical cell surface protein precursor -0.5 U  
LSA1820 lsa1820 Hypothetical cell surface protein precursor    -0.6
LSA1821 lsa1821 Hypothetical cell surface protein precursor   -0.6  
LSA1845 lsa1845 Hypothetical small protein   0.8  
LSA1848 lsa1848 Hypothetical protein    -0.5
LSA1851 lsa1851 Hypothetical extracellular small protein -0.6   -0.7
LSA1883 lsa1883 Hypothetical small protein 1.2   1.5
Bacteriocin associated genes
SKP0001 sppIP Bacteriocin sakacin P inducing peptide D 0.5 D
SKP0006 sppT Sakacin P ABC transporter D 0.6 D
SKP0007 sppE Sakacin P accesory transport protein D 0.6 D
  1. The microarray used has been described previously [32]. Asterix (*) relates the gene to Table 2. D and U refer to genes classified as 'divergent' and 'uncertain', respectively, by CGH analysis [32]. Genes encoding proteins with a change in expression according to McLeod et al. [19], are underlined.