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Table 5 Serotypes of typical EPEC Cluster 1 strains

From: Virulence gene profiling of enterohemorrhagic (EHEC) and enteropathogenic (EPEC) Escherichia coli strains: a basis for molecular risk assessment of typical and atypical EPEC strains

Serotypea No. strains %
O55:H6 5 10.9
O66:H8 1 2.2
O111:[H2] 17 37.0
O111:H25 2 4.3
O114:H2b 11 23.9
O119:H2c 4 8.7
O126:H27 1 2.2
O127:H6 1 2.2
O142:[H6] 3 6.5
Orough:[H8] 1 2.2
total 46 100.0
  1. a) All strains were isolated from human faeces. In bold: serotypes previously associated with Stx-production [3]. H-type in [brackets] indicates presence of non-motile strains that were investigated for their fliC genotype [44].
  2. b) two O114:H2 strains were positive for the EHEC virulence plasmid associated etpD gene.
  3. c) EPEC O119:H2 were previously reported as atypical EPEC reacting with bfpA probe [5]. One each of the O119:H2 strains was positive for EHEC virulence plasmid associated genes espP and etpD