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Table 4 Kinetic parameters for the racemization of L- to D- and D- to L-alanine by alanine racemases from Gram-positive bacteria

From: The crystal structure of alanine racemase from Streptococcus pneumoniae, a target for structure-based drug design

  D to L direction L to D direction
Enzyme [ref] K m (mM) V max (U/mg)a k cat (min-1) K m (mM) V max (U/mg)a k cat (min-1)
Alr SP [21] 2.1b 87.0b NR 1.9b 84.8b NR
Alr GS [76] 2.7c 1400c NR 4.3c 2550c NR
Alr SL [77] 0.4c NR 3800c 0.4c NR 3300c
Alr BA [36] 2.8b 101b NR NR NR NR
Alr EF [78] 2.2c 1210c ~2340c 7.8c 3570c ~2340c
  1. aOne unit is defined as the amount of enzyme that catalyzes racemization of 1 μmol of substrate per minute.
  2. bAt 23°C. cAt 37°C. NR: not reported.