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Archived Comments for: Evolution in an oncogenic bacterial species with extreme genome plasticity: Helicobacter pyloriEast Asian genomes

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  1. Corrections by a corresponding author

    Ichizo Kobayashi, University of Tokyo

    22 July 2011

    Place: Page 14. Legend for Figure 8B. Line 5.
    Before correction: sotA
    After correction: sotB

    Place: Page 14. Figure 8C (c)
    Before correction: sotA
    After correction: sotB

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  2. Correction by the corresponding author

    Ichizo Kobayashi, UNIVERSITY OF TOKYO

    28 June 2012

    Place: Additional file 1 Phylogenetic tree of H. pylori based on MLST genes.
    P2. L6-7.
    Before correction: 1. Adams DW, Errington J: Bacterial cell division: assembly, maintenance and
    disassembly of the Z ring. Nat Rev Microbiol 2009, 7:642-653.
    After correction: 1. H. pylori MLST database [].

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