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Figure 2

From: Comparative fecal metagenomics unveils unique functional capacity of the swine gut

Figure 2

Taxonomic distribution of bacterial phyla from swine and other currently available gut microbiomes within MG-RAST. The percent of sequences assigned to each bacterial order from swine and other gut metagenomes is shown. Using the "Phylogenetic Analysis" tool within MG-RAST, each gut metagenome was searched against the RDP and greengenes databases using the BLASTn algorithm. The percentage of each bacterial phlya from swine, human infant, and human adult metagenomes were each averaged since there was more than one metagenome for each of these hosts within the MG-RAST database. The e-value cutoff for 16S rRNA gene hits to the RDP and greengenes databases was 1×10-5 with a minimum alignment length of 50 bp.

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