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Figure 4

From: Sequencing and Characterization of Pseudomonas aeruginosa phage JG004

Figure 4

LPS profile of transposon mutants. Silver stained SDS-PAGE illustrating the isolated LPS of the wild type PAO1 and the transposon mutants. Only the gene, interrupted by the transposon of the respective mutant is indicated on top of the lanes, PAO1 is the P. aeruginosa wild type. The arrow points to the black line in the lower part of the gel. This line indicates the migration of wild type lipid A and core sugars of the LPS [42]. As indicated, the LPS of the speD, PA0534, PA0421, PA2555 and migA mutant strains appears similar to wild type LPS. The LPS profile of the remaining mutant strains is different and indicates an altered LPS structure. Interestingly, the biochemical analysis of LPS indicates that gene PA2200 might be involved in biosynthesis or modification of P. aeruginosa LPS due to altered migration.

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