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Table 1 PCR, E-test and FISH results of the detection of clarithromycin resistance in H. pylori clinical isolates

From: PNA-FISH as a new diagnostic method for the determination of clarithromycin resistance of Helicobacter pylori

Strain Genotype PCR E-test PNA-FISH
39391 WT S S S
22771 WT S R S
24061 WT S S S
24241 WT S S S
31831 WT S S S
31311 WT S S S
31481 WT S S S
2452A1 WT S S S
24481 WT S S S
27081 A2142G R R R
27121 A2142G R R R
39411 WT/A2143G R R R
21911 A2143G R R R
20091 A2143G R R R
11621 A2143G R R R
19871 A2143G R R R
20531 A2143G R R R
25381 A2143G R R R
25391 A2143G R R R
27681 A2143G R R R
1662 A2142C R R R
1672 A2143G R R R
1682 A2142G R R R
1692 WT S S S
7.833 A2143G R R R
7.113 A2142G R R R
7.383 A2142G R R R
62713 A2142G R R R
7.363 A2142G R R R
62313 A2142G R R R
9681 WT S S S
NCTC 116374 WT S S S
ATCC 7003924 WT S S S
  1. Some strains were also sequenced in our labs to guarantee that no contamination had occurred during culture maintenance
  2. 1 Dr. M. Oleastro (National Institute of Health, Lisbon, Portugal); 2Dr. R. Haas (Max von Pettenkofer Institute for Hygiene and Medical Microbiology, Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich, Germany); 3Dr. G. Perez-Perez (NYU Langone Medical Center, New York, USA); 4 Type strain; R: Clarithromycin resistant (MIC > 1 μg/ml); S: Clarithromycin susceptible (MIC < 1 μg/ml); WT: Wild Type.