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Table 1 Bacterial strains and plasmids

From: Resistance to organic hydroperoxides requires ohr and ohrR genes in Sinorhizobium meliloti

Strains genotype origin
E. coli
DH5α endA-1 hsdR-17 supE-44 thi-1 recA-1 gyrA relA-1 Δ(lacZYA-argG)U169 deoR [57]
MT616 MM294 pRK600 CmR [58]
BL21(DE3) F- dcm ompT hsd gal/λ(DE3) [59]
Sinorhizobium meliloti
Rm1021 SU47 SmR [60]
R6.48 Rm1021,ohrR::GmR This study
R7.15 Rm1021,ΔohrR ohr::GmR This study
R7.16 Rm1021,ohr+ ohrR+ ohr::lacZ ohrR::uidA This study
R8.39 Rm1021,ohr::GmR This study
pGEMT pUC derivative cloning vector, AmpR Promega
pGEMTeasy pUC derivative cloning vector, AmpR Promega
pET22b+ expression vector, AmpR Novagen
pK18mobsacB mobilisable pUC derivative, sacB NeoR [51]
pBBR1-MCS2 broad host range replicating mobilisable vector, NeoR [61]
pBBR1-MCS5 broad host range replicating mobilisable vector, GmR [61]
pTH1505 GmR, gfp, lacZ, uidA, rfp fusion vector [54]
p34SGm ori ColEI AmpR GmRcassette [52]
pD3001 pK18mobsacB (XbaI-PstI)/ohrR downstream region (XbaI-NsiI) this study
pD3083 pGEMTeasy/ ohrR upstream region This study
pD4116 pK18mobsacB ΔohrR This study
pD4244 pK18mobsacB ΔohrR::GmR This study
pD5333 pK18mobsacBΔohrR ohr::GmR This study
pD5455 pTH1505 ohr::lacZ, ohrR::uidA This study
pD8657 pK18mobsacB ohr::GmR This study
pBBohr pBBRI-MCS2 ohr+ This study
pBBohrR pBBRI-MCS2 ohrR+ This study
pE1541 pBBRI-MCS2 ohr::lacZ This study
pETohrR pET22b+ ohr+ This study