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Table 3 Ability of H. pylori SmpB and of wild type or mutant alleles of ssrAHpto support growth of λimmP22 in E. coli ΔssrA or ΔsmpB deletion mutants and to restore the growth defect in E. coli ΔssrA or ΔsmpB mutants

From: Study of the functionality of the Helicobacter pylori trans-translation components SmpB and SsrA in an heterologous system

Strains ssrA or smpB alleles EOP§ Growth defect restoration in E. coli ΔsmpB or in E. coli ΔssrA
MG1655 smpB Ec ssrA Ec 1 -
MG1655 ΔsmpB pILL2150 ΔsmpBEc ssrAEc 1.3 × 10-5 no
MG1655 ΔsmpB pILL786 ΔsmpBEc ssrAEc/smpBHp 0.6 yes
MG1655 ΔssrA pILL2150 smpBEcΔssrAEc 2.6 × 10-5 no
MG1655 ΔssrA pILL2334 smpBEc ΔssrAEc/ssrAEc-WT 1 yes
MG1655 ΔssrA pILL788 smpBEc ΔssrAEc/ssrAHp-WT 5.0 × 10-5 yes
MG1655 ΔssrA pILL791 smpBEc ΔssrAEc/ssrAHp-DD 1.6 × 10-5 yes
MG1655 ΔssrA pILL2328 smpBEc ΔssrAEc/ssrAHp-STOP 6.1 × 10-5 no
MG1655 ΔssrA pILL792 smpBEc ΔssrAEc/ssrAHp-resume 3.9 × 10-5 no
MG1655 ΔssrA pILL793 smpBEc ΔssrAEc/ssrAHp-wobble 2.3 × 10-5 no
MG1655 ΔssrA pILL794 smpBEc ΔssrAEc/ssrAHp-smpB 3.6 × 10-5 No
  1. § EOP is the ratio of the titer of phage on a lawn of bacteria mentioned in the table divided by the titer of phage on a wild type bacterial lawn.