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Table 1 Plasmids used in this study

From: Study of the functionality of the Helicobacter pylori trans-translation components SmpB and SsrA in an heterologous system

Plasmids Relevant features Reference
pEXT21 low copy number E. coli vector [25]
pILL2318 H. pylori ssrAWTcloned into pEXT21 This study
pILL2150 high copy number H. pylori/E. coli shuttle vector [24]
pILL2334 E. coli ssrAWTcloned into pILL2150 This study
pILL786 hp1444 encoding Hp-SmpB cloned into pILL2150 This study
pILL788 H. pylori ssrAWTcloned into pILL2150 [10]
pILL791 H. pylori ssrADDcloned into pILL2150 [10]
pILL792 H. pylori ssrAresumecloned into pILL2150 [10]
pILL793 H. pylori ssrAwobblecloned into pILL2150 [10]
pILL794 H. pylori ssrASmpBcloned into pILL2150 [10]
pILL2328 H. pylori ssrASTOPcloned into pILL2150 [10]